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A few suggestions on postings:

  • I’ve already had to remove the “guest posts allowed” feature due to spammers blitzing the site.  If you have something particularly sensitive  to post, please contact me here and we’ll make arrangements to guard your anonymity.  If you’d rather that I set up your user account, same contact link above.
  • Registering for the site is quick, easy, and you will NEVER get email from me sent to that address other than your registration email.  I don’t spam, farm out email addresses, etc., etc.  If you want to get my posts sent to you via RSS, then that link is on the home page.
  • Please make it clear what the website link is if you’re posting one.  It’s a common spammer trick to try and frame them in proper context and then it turns out to be something stupid like a Viagra site.  If the link isn’t clear, then I will pull your post down and contact you for clarification.
  • You post it, you own it.  That simple.  Keep that in mind, and play nice with those around you.
This part of my site is meant to provide assistance and help for my readers, and I’d truly like to see it thrive.  I said before that I expect this to get a slow start, so please don’t be surprised if it’s a bit stagnant at first.  The more posts that are added, the more it will grow.
UPDATE 9/7: I’m seeing a lot of user accounts being opened and no posts being made so I’m going to ask that you make your first post within 24 hours after opening a user account on my site, even if only to put a “Hi there” post in the Catch-All Section.  That’ll prove to me that you’re not a spammer.
Any accounts not utilized within that 24 hour window will be deleted.




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