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Time (by Rylan Hunter)

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…….and with a small nod, He allowed them …..

Thirty More Seconds

I remember the day we met and I looked across the room. I was so bored and you stood there by the window with a drink in your hand while you studied everyone around you and I knew. I thought we had forever but I never realized that it would be forever until I held you in my arms again and being without you is so hard. You broke your promise that you would never leave me and some days I hate you and some days I think my heart will break from loving you too much and how am I supposed to grow old without you when I already feel ancient? I need you back.

Fifteen More Seconds

You disappeared in two heartbeats; mine and the gift you left behind. He’ll never hear you laugh, watch us dance, see your beautiful brown eyes gazing into his. I never thought I’d have to do this alone. He’s amazing and looks just like you, my love.

Five More Seconds

I found someone to love again but I’ll never stop loving you. I know you sent me an angel.

One Second

I miss you.

Dedicated on September 11th to all those left behind.

Photograph by inkedkenny


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