Everything that Catches my Attention

This Is Not Cyber (by Tyler Morgyn)


“ If I was there, we’d be on your couch and it would be cool; at least cool for me… We’d have a throw over our laps and my hands would be all over you beneath the throw – snuggling…cuddling…relaxed – engaged in each other.  We would talk late into the night like we never talked before, “How was your day, dear?”…and when you started getting silly and making funny noises, we’d go up to the bedroom where you’d make my hair stand on end for real.
But you’re no marble statue.  You’re hot and sexy and you make me so desire you that I ache…and while I undress you and see your beautiful skin for the first time and touch you, all thought of writing and editing and the keyboard fall away…and you are my keyboard and I play you with my hands…the beautiful supple places and the hard muscular places…and you are warm and real and soft and yielding… “

When I close the door to the bedroom, you are so beautiful in the light that I drop to my knees before you and worship you with my mouth. You grasp my head for balance and you lower your head to watch.  But every pleasurable lick and wet caress of my tongue makes your eyes close and mouth open.  As I draw each spongy globe in with my lips and engage and roll your balls with my tongue, you stiffen against my face while salty tears of precum run down my cheek.

My strong fingers explore your ass and thighs with firm caresses until they find your waiting hole and tunnel inside. You groan lightly as I spread and burrow and find the raised textures I seek.  Fondling and rubbing, I indulge my fingers’ desires for the tactile stimulation that will bind you to me… that will make you mine.

You are breathing more rapidly now, but so am I.   As I savor the scents of you, my head fills with new memories to recall in future years.  The salty musky taste is like no other, and I will remember that too. I can feel you buckle as your body betrays its needs and you struggle to remain upright and in control.  Your tight rings fight my probing while your essence  envelops the sensations and craves more.  You adjust your legs and your torso weaves, trying to fight gravity’s seductive draw and your desire to open yourself to me fully.  A low moan escapes your lips and I know I have you in my hands.

The constant sensations of my lapping tongue and nipping teeth have aroused you to a  level of excitement that, when I bite down hard on your inner thigh, you cry out but savor the pain without moving.  Endorphins course through your body and intensify the encounter.  You are hard and erect.  You are ready.

Finally, I lick up the shaft and devour the tip as your self control fades and you begin to thrust into my mouth.  My tongue curls around you instinctively, creating a chute to hug you tightly and to slide your dick in and out with ease. Now it’s your game.  You rape my head as you pound into the back of my throat until I am choking with your passion.  My dick is hard too and pointing upward towards what I desire now.  And I won’t let you win.  Not yet…   I try to take control by humming and vibrating your dick as I rake the nails of both hands across your thighs.  But you ram harder and faster.  Abandon has made you insistent, but I want us to last.  I place my hands over yours & tease them from my temples.  One long last hard suck and I pull back.  The cool air hits your moist cock bringing you abruptly back to earth.

Slowly I stand and look at your dark expressive eyes while I guide you back onto the bed.  I can see trust and more in your face as you lay back and I climb on top to straddle you.  I hold my body high as my strong thighs lift then lower above you.  I hover my hole over your wet, gleaming rod…tense… teasing… then lower down.  You smile as my snug hole grips your cock and my hands slide upward from your belly to your chest.  Entangling my fingers in your nipple rings, I gently tug.  Your intake of breath and squirm tells me you like what I’m doing.  I huddle over and push down, enveloping your cock in warm gripping folds.  I like watching your face at this moment…the open mouth with the show of pink tongue…the flash of white teeth.  The loss of control.  The surrender to me.

Sitting on your cock slowly, I surround you with a hot friction.  I let you feel my walls hold you and move to engulf all you give me.  You can watch my expression as I adjust to you and, as fleeting swells of ecstatic pain cross my face, you can see how much I want you.  I move up and down slowly to feel you slide in and out. A tempo develops.  My thighs clamp and release as I move quicker & deeper until I bounce with the rhythm of playground balls & carefree afternoons.

The concentration on your face tells me how pleasurable this feels and when you quicken and move to lift and thrust into me….to lift your ass to meet my flesh… I change my cadence and roll my hips.  Your hands clasp my cheeks trying to hold me still as I rock and I try to pull out to the tip before plunging deep again.  But I can’t control you, and you slam into my hips with a force of lust and hunger.  I want to feel your power.  I want to feel you filling my hole with a liquid geyser as you throb and pulse…I want to give into you… But we can go longer.  I will feel the familiar control of your satisfaction again and I will want to have you in my power… This is my game now.

We struggle and fight as ass and cock dance a tango of such exquisite beauty that our hearts will ache….where neither will give up.  But we both will win. Wantonly uninhibited, we lose ourselves in the up and down, in the in and out…with a force that grabs our chests and makes our thighs tremble while the smells of sweat and sex fill our nostrils and flavor our heaving breath.

I want to hold you in my power longer; I want to hold on and take you where I want you to go.   But my body betrays me.  I feel the old familiar stirrings of the rubbings & rhythms… my cock is so hard and I am very close to relinquishing myself.

I try to concentrate that I love the sight of you… and the sounds of us… and I am overwhelmed by the passion and the intensity of my feelings for you.
And I know I love you more than it is possible to love another…with the total consumption of my soul…with a complete surrender.  But instead of increasing my stamina like counting baseball cards, my love for you makes me tumble headfirst into my lustful desire for you.

My dominance is slipping and I succumb to the waves of hot throbbing and itch… of shaking and want… of trembling and wild recklessness
As I feel your hot cum gushing and filling me, my control is a sham and I release with an abandon that streaks your chest and dots your neck with shiny pearls.
I pant, impaled on you and joined in a way that shows us both that for one minute in time, we are equals.  I am overcome with a feeling of love and well-being that is indescribable.  You are all I want and need.

You drag your fingers across your chest and give me a taste of my tribute to you.  I reach forward and kiss your lips, giving the gift right back.

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