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The Turning (page 5)

His voice shook me to my bones. I could only nod, and then he moved away, apparently satisfied that he’d put me in my place. Then I found my prey. He was sitting at the bar. He had a bit of a gut, which was probably why no one was hitting on him. He had a drink in front of him, but he didn’t smell like booze. I closed in.

He saw me. It was the same look I’d seen on TV documentaries, when the hare spots the wolf. He nearly fell off his chair. I could feel a hot rush running through my blood. Oh yeah, this was my prey all right. There was a back door. He bolted.  I snarled and broke into a sprint. I slammed open the door as it was swinging shut. A gun’s barrel looked me dead in the face.

“Hold it right there!”

The damn fake drinker was a cop! He held his badge in another hand, a hand that trembled.

I should have been scared. I should have held my hands up, faced the wall, got on the ground. I didn’t. The heat in my blood was fire, now. The moon shone down on me. Power. Power like you read about in comic books when the Hulk bursts out. Power like a battery soaking up electric current. My body was awash in it, drowning me, choking me.

image I barely felt the bullet. It must have passed clean through my skull but I just laughed. My laugh was a hell of a lot deeper. I was a hell of a lot bigger. Soon, I had my eye back, and then my face. Only it wasn’t my face any more. As my laugh deepened even more, my snout stretched outward and I licked a long wolf tongue over my fangs.

I flexed my clawed paws and glared at the petrified cop with burning golden eyes. I was more muscular than I had ever dreamed. My clothes were in rags, hanging off my massive, rippling body. I leered at him and did a most muscular that would have made Mr. Olympia proud.

“RUN,” I snarled.

The cop emptied his barrel into me and then ran, screaming, for his car. That hurt. And it pissed me off. I loved it. My massive cock was semi hard between my legs as I loped after him. He managed to get in his car before I could catch up with him. Not that it mattered.

I skidded to a stop, blinded by his headlights. My throbbing cock gave a thud as it landed on the hood. He gunned the engine and floored it. The car slammed into me like a battering ram. Hit me and didn’t move. The tires squealed and burning rubber made my eyes water.

My huge paws grabbed the front of the car. I roared. I flexed my rippling thighs. My biceps surged in size as I lifted the car off the ground and crushed the engine like so much tinfoil.

I’m a fucking GOD!

I plunged a fist into the windshield and yanked the screaming cop out, scornfully dropping his car. His screams were like the shrill shrieks of a terrified monkey.
“Shut. Up.” I growled, inches from his face.

I smelled piss. I snickered. I lifted my head back and laughed, then howled to the sky, calling Anton and Morgan to share the feast.
My huge foot paws slammed down on the car as I walked over it, smashing it flat with one giant stomp after another. Only then did I open my jaws, lick the cop’s skin. He’d fainted. Good for him. Jaws pierced flesh and bone. Blood flooded my mouth like wine.

I rent meat, chewed, swallowed. My back snapped and I fell to all fours. My body shrank. Two other wolves rounded the corner and ran up to me. We licked each other, wagging tails. As one, all three of us ran. We ran while the wind sung in our fur and the moon danced a merry, teasing chase through the branches of trees and the wires of telephone poles overhead.

When we reached the house, Jordan was waiting for us. He wasn’t human, either. As a werewolf, I stood at a good seven feet. Jordan towered at twelve. His massive, black-furred body seethed with muscles almost to the point of deformity, but I could see from how he moved that he’d lost none of his human agility. He held his regal head high, tail erect as we ran over to him.

Anton and Morgan were gorgeous as werewolves. They were like common horses in front of a prize stallion compared to Jordan. They eagerly nuzzled his chin, licked his giant pecs, buried their faces under his huge balls. Jordan turned to me. I cowered.

“Come here, pup,” he thundered.

I crawled to him on my belly, shifting to werewolf, then melting to full human. A giant paw cupped me and lifted me to my feet. I stared up at those deep, golden eyes, felt the hot breath on my skin. My cock was hard as a rock against my abs.

“I will take Eric with me. You two amuse yourselves somewhere else.”

I gulped as I was set back down. There was no disobeying Jordan. Jordan shrank to human form and walked through the doorway, his ebony skin catching the moonlight on his bare ass.

We were in the bedroom, and then I was kneeling to nuzzle Jordan’s balls and cock. He hummed in approval and stroked my hair.

“Alpha,” I whispered.

“You may call me Jordan, Eric,” he said in a soft, deep voice. “I’ve accepted you.”  Tears of joy fell onto my cheeks.

“Thank you, Jordan.”

He crouched and held my face. “You’ve wanted this for a long time, haven’t you?”

“I used to dream about being a wolf when I was a kid,” I confessed. Then I confessed more. I told him about how hot he’d looked on the beach and at the contest. I spilled every secret I’d ever kept, and even a few I knew I’d been keeping from myself. Jordan listened in silence, like a king. Then he stroked my chin.

“You’ll make a good edition to the pack,” he said.


He smiled warmly “Really.”

Then he kissed me.

My packmate’s kisses had been heaven. Jordan’s kiss was beyond that. If I’d been human, I would have cum instantly. It was like kissing a storm. Jordan’s power coursed through me in that kiss, embracing me and claiming me as his own. His hands roamed my body, touching me anywhere he liked.

I reached out a tentative hand toward his thick cock. He gave me a smile and a nod of encouragement. I moaned as my hand closed on it.

“Give it a good stroking, pup,” he murred in my ear.

I did. I stroked him with both hands, then took the head into my mouth and pleasured my alpha. He sighed, moaned and lay on the bed, stretching his godly, muscled body out to receive my tribute.

I took as much as I could, but Jordan was hung like a god, even as a human. I felt his precum on my tongue and let up. I began to worship his muscles, moaning and licking his thick, meaty thighs liked I’d longed to do on the beach. I climbed up his body, straddling his waist, and rubbed myself on his wide abs, feeling those gorgeous obliques.

“Yeah…..mmmm..yeah…Eric…lick ’em for me, babe.”

I did. And when he raised his arms to rest his head on his hands, I licked up his lats and into his armpits.

“Mmmm..Jordan….would you…um…do something for me if I asked?”

Jordan regarded me for a minute as if seeing if I were challenging his authority. I could almost feel my ears lower.

“Sure, babe.”

I blushed.  “W…would you…change for me?”

Jordan chuckled. He sat up and crawled on top of me, grinning and nipping my neck.

“Mmmm…you want me huge, don’t you? All big and bad.”

I shivered, “Please, alpha.”

“YOU GOT IT, PUP,” he said in a voice three times deeper and louder. His body swelled, bulged. Rich black fur grew like grass in time-lapse photography. His grin widened, fangs stretching downward. A giant clawed hand ran over my back.


I came on his fur. I buried my face in his inhumanely massive pecs and licked his nipples. I humped him, kissed him, moaned when he gave my ass and balls a single massive slurp.

“I THINK IT’S TIME I CLAIMED YOU LIKE THE BETA YOU ARE.”He pointed downward. I understood instantly and I kissed his knuckles before I obeyed. He was going to mount me. As a werewolf.

It was like being straddled by a mountain. His moan of pleasure made my teeth rattle. A monster’s cock, six inches wide and two feet long, slid like white hot fire up my legs, stretching and stretching my ass cheeks.

“Oooooohhhh….take me, Jordan…….”

My anal ring screamed in protest. I screamed. Jordan snarled and kept pressing. I felt something give. Then he was inside me. Filling me , owning me.

No human could have endured Jordan fucking him in what we call our true form – the mighty werewolf form. But I wasn’t human any more. I healed around Jordan’s gigantic member, and kept healing every time he plunged his huge meat inside. The sensation of mending flesh became a second pleasure.

“YOU’RE HOT, PUP,” my alpha moaned.

I whined and wriggled my ass, clenching the muscles as he drove his cock into my depths. In the distance, I could hear the howls and moans as Anton and Morgan began their own rough sex. But I was the lucky one tonight.

Jordan’s body enveloped me, and I slowly felt myself shifting to true werewolf form to accomidate him. Jordan whuffed and groaned so loud the windows shook. Apparently, feeling my ass shapeshift around his cock was a bit of a turn-on for him.

“Mmmmm….does my alpha like that?” I snickered.I began to shift back and forth from human to werewolf as his pounding thrusts increased. His claws shredded the mattress in his lust. He sounded like a living locomotive, chuffing and panting, huge muscles working on me.

I was filled with such animal hunger, such unbridled, unnatural PLEASURE at being used by him. I howled. Anton and Morgan howled. Then Jordan howled and released his seed in me. I will never forget that howl. It was the howl of a god. The windows shattered. I swear every dog in Venice heard his orgasm howl. I was in werewolf form and I joined him.

That sticky, thick jism hit my prostate and kept going. I was filled up to my bladder in cum, with more oozing out my ass to coat the fur of my legs.

Jordan murred and leaned down to lick my head.


“You can DO that?” I cried.

Jordan laughed as Morgan and Anton came padding in, both sexy werewolf studs with their fur doing nothing to disguise those Grecian bodies.

“You’re a werewolf, Eric,” Anton said, kneeling in front of me so that his wolfhood dangled tantalizingly close to my muzzle.

“You didn’t think rapid recovery only applied to wounds, did you?”

I moaned in love for my pack. Morgan kissed Jordan long and wet and slow. Then he got behind Anton. Soon, everyone who was still awake in Venice, California could hear the sounds of four beasts lost in a pleasure and a love they would never understand.

I dance to the drums of running paws, I taste the nectar of bloody flesh, I sing the ancient song to the skies. I run. I hunt. And I am home.

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