Everything that Catches my Attention

The Turning (page 4)

image His fingers stroked my hair. He led the way into the dark house. There were no overhead lights. There were no lamps on any of the tables we passed. A series of skylights sent irregular glowing rectangles of starlight onto the soft grey carpet. A screen of trees blocked most of the light pollution from the city. There were paintings of wolves on the walls.

A huge dog rose from the shadow of a couch as we entered. I blinked. No, it had been Morgan’s caveman hairstyle. The dim light had tricked me. I smiled at the effect. He strolled toward me, utterly naked.

“You came,” he said softly. He said it like we were friends who hadn’t seen each other in years. No, deeper than friends. Brothers. Partners. Lovers.

“Yes,” I said.

He embraced me. His fingers slid under the back of my shirt and rubbed the bare skin of my spine as we kissed.

“Will you take our gift, Eric?” he whispered, licking the back of my ear. Anton was caressing my thighs from behind, fingers groping for the button on my pants.

“Gift?” I wanted to ask. But Anton’s words came back to me. No more questions, Eric.

“Yes,” I whispered. I shuddered and gasped. I moaned. Anton had found what he was looking for and my pants were coming down over my hips.

“Oh, god yes. Yes!”

They guided me into the bedroom. We couldn’t stop kissing. It was giddy and delicious, sampling first one mouth then the other. I felt like royalty. I felt like a slave. In the bedroom, Anton helped me with my pants and boxers while Morgan removed my jacket and shirt. There was a skylight directly over the bed.

The moon rose higher, silver light leaking onto the bed. Morgan’s dark hair glinted in it. His eyes sparked, throwing back the light, making his eyes look like gold. I stared at them. I had seen those eyes before. The photos of wolves. They were a wolf’s eyes.

“Morgan…your eyes…”  Morgan smiled.

“Not just my eyes, Eric. Our eyes.”

I turned to look at Anton. His copper eyes gazed down at me with love. He had stripped to the waist, and was opening his pants while the moonlight drew shadows across his muscular body.

“Don’t be afraid,” Anton purred. His voice was deeper. More like a gentle growl.

They’d kept my pendant on me. It felt warm and heavy on my chest. Morgan fingered it. Anton crawled onto the bed, lithe as a cat. Supple as a wolf. His hands caressed the pendant as well.

“We knew when we saw this pendant that you were ready for us, Eric,” Morgan rumbled. His voice was an octave lower than it had been a moment ago.

“You were ready to know that we exist,” Anton added, close to my ear.

“You were ready to take our gift,” Morgan whispered.

His fingers raked lightly across my pecs. The nails were sharp, but they didn’t draw blood. They raised goosebumps of pleasure on my skin.

“Yes, Eric,” Anton said with a chuckle. “We are wolves. And you have been chosen among all over humans to join our pack.”

“You look on us as family,” Morgan said. “And so we welcome you. And we love you.”

I was weeping openly. Sobbing. A tongue lapped my tears gently away. A set of hands with clawed nails and furred palms massaged my back, giving comfort. I felt the same warmth flood through me. I was burning. Burning with love for these two gorgeous creatures, burning with desire and want and need and hunger.

They embraced me, one in front, one behind. Warm hard muscle squeezed my body gently. Hot breath washed my neck. Two hardening cocks rolled against my body. My lust exploded. I was moaning hard, panting, nearly howling.

Morgan chuckled, the sound a low, predatory growl that sent shivers down my spine. Anton opened his mouth, curling back lips from ivory fangs as he took up the growl. They wanted me. I wanted them. I growled back.

We were not quiet. Anton and Morgan made love to me with inhuman passion and a tenderness only known to wolves of the same pack. Everything they did, they did to heighten my pleasure. Everything I did to them and for them was for the same reason, and they responded.

Moans and sighs filled the air. Wet hard kisses where teeth met fangs and saliva flowed like wine. My puny human hands slapping and groping muscles that had swollen larger and more defined on their bodies as the moonlight changed them. They sprouted ruffs down their necks and over their backs. Their groans of ecstasy shook my body to the bone.

I was licked from scalp to toes, and they relished every inch without shame. I began to scream as they played my body like an instrument whose music was sex so good it was holy. It was Tantric, transcendent, divine and heathen, sacred and horribly profane.

There in the moonlight one of them suckled my cock, all seven inches of it, while the other pleasured my asshole. Cool lupine noses rubbed my balls and my loins as they came together and kissed each other. Hands with the rough calluses of paws caressed, rubbed, massaged my muscles. I was worshipped.

And I gave worship. Two inhumanly buff bodybuilders flexed their muscles for me to feel and taste. Their golden eyes and feral, lupine bone structure gave their faces more beauty than angels, more sex appeal than an incubus. It is, I have learned, called animal magnetism. They can use it to harness whoever they wish to mate with, but the partner never receives the full effect unless there is a kindred spirit within.

I felt a hint of that effect now. I howled, sure I would cum. My cock was burning, hot and hard, my body icy cold and electrified. Every nerve tingled and hummed. My lovers howled with me.

The lovemaking grew naughtier. They pinned me down and snarled in my face while they forced me to suck their throbbing cocks. Anton was nine inches long, Morgan was eleven. They wrestled me, slapped me, clawed me until I bled. I bit their muscled flesh, snarling like an animal and they shuddered and moaned and smeared their precum on my lips. They gave me every fantasy I whispered in their ears.

At last, at last the time was right. I could barely recognize Morgan as he wrapped those massive, rippling arms around my waist. His gigantic meat pulsed and throbbed and dripped pre as he pressed it and mine against my belly. Anton embraced me from behind. Pecs that could crush steel brushed the back of my head. Washboard abs swathed in a happy trail of fur down to his crotch massaged my back. I spread my ass and legs wide.

Anton entered me. Morgan kissed me. I shuddered and gripped his mighty shoulders. We began to move. It was slow, like ocean waves, all of us moaning and panting in utter animal rut. Pre leaked in a steady stream from my cock, thicker than I’d ever felt when pleasuring myself. Though their heads were fully wolf now, their bodies were still largely without fur, so I could feel their smooth skin and rippling, rolling muscles caress my own.

I gasped as Anton’s cock connected with my prostate. Morgan’s paws caressed my face, and I gazed into those incredible wolf eyes in a fully lupine face. Never had I see such utter, selfless love. Morgan adored me. He would die for me. And I would for him. We kissed, his hot, huge wolf tongue and my puny human one. I didn’t want it to be small any more. I didn’t want this pathetic human shell to confine me and prevent me from pleasuring my packmates! I wanted to howl as they did, to be strong and swift, to taste raw blood, to make love to them like nothing natural could make love! Change me! I begged with my kisses and my shuddering moans as I was fucked. Make me as you are! I am a wolf! I AM A WOLF!

Fangs bit down on my neck. I screamed in pain, but great muscled arms held me tight so I couldn’t struggle, pull away, make the wound worse. A second set of fangs buried themselves in my shoulder. Agony gave way to euphoria and ecstasy.

Explosions of pleasure rocked my body. I screamed. I howled. They screamed. They howled. We came in a single glorious moment, a benediction, a communion of flesh and sweat, fur and blood, spit and cum.

Birdsong wafted through my mind. A warm breeze stirred my hair. I opened one eye and sunlight stabbed me. Anton’s scent enfolded me and his tongue, now human once more, ran over my cheek.

I hummed, smiling, and ran my fingers through his hair. I felt Morgan’s hand rub my chest. I had never felt so alive or happy before. My eyes grew adjusted to the light and opened. We didn’t speak. We didn’t have to.

Wordlessly, the two werewolves rose and padded to the kitchen. I began to hear the sounds of cooking, and soon marvelous aromas of pancakes, sausage, bacon, and ham were filling my nostrils. I paused in the doorway to the bathroom. I inhaled again. I could smell more than just breakfast. I could smell the lingering scent of their bodies on mine, and of the sex stains and blood drying on the sheets. A window was open. I could smell the trees and grass, the dew – a marvelous scent, dew – everything so rich and detailed and sweet. I laughed.

In the bathroom mirror I looked at the bite marks on my neck, the scratches over my chest, back, legs. I looked like I’d been mauled by a wild animal.
Yeah, two of ’em. I thought to myself with another chuckle.

After a shower, I joined them where they were lounging in the living room. There were no plates. We all shared a single massive bowl of food. I smiled and playfully fed Morgan strips of bacon. This developed into a food fight, and soon we were all wrestling naked on the floor like puppies.

Anton picked me up and carried me bodily back into the bedroom. He and I played with each other’s bodies while Morgan did the dishes and cleaned up. Then Anton got dressed, took the motorcycle and drove off, leaving me with wonderful, dark-haired Morgan.

I groaned as his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed it, tasting bacon. I licked his member clean. He kissed me, and we lay in each other’s arms.

“So…I’m a wolf now, too?” I asked.

Morgan smiled and shook his head, “You’ve taken the first step, but to become one of us, there’s two more parts to the rite. Tonight, you’ll feel the burning of the moon for the first time.”

He touched my shoulder. “It will hurt. A lot. As much as last night felt good, tonight will feel bad.”

I gulped, “But…but you’ll be with me, right?”

“Always,” Morgan whispered and meant it. “But tonight you must face the moonlight alone.”

I lowered my head, but nodded. We made love again. Then we dressed. Morgan showed me around the house. It was spartan by human standards. The fridge and cupboards were well stocked, but that was to be expected since both Morgan and Anton were bodybuilders. But there was no television, no radio, no computers or Internet. There was a small collection of books, mostly on workouts and nutrition. Each of them had their own wardrobe, and they showed me a place I could put clothes until I got one of my own. The house had no hot water or air conditioning. It was solar-powered and off the city’s power grid. Water came from a private aquifer. Heating and cooling happened through a series of airflow vents. We were, for all intents and purposes, autonomous.

Anton returned from the gym later that day, and we both greeted him with enthusiasm. Every meal I ate with them was huge and tasted wonderful. They only used the freshest ingredients, all organic.

“So,” I said between mouthfuls, “who runs this pack, anyway?”  I had asked the question in a light tone, but both of them stopped eating. I glanced at them.

“The alpha lives in town. He hardly ever visits the den,” Anton said.

“He’ll want to meet you eventually,” Morgan added.

They exchanged worried glances.

“What?” I asked.

Anton sighed.
“There’s a chance he wont approve of you being like this. He has the authority to stop a Turning of a human before it’s complete.”

“Then I’d go back the way I was?” Morgan shook his head.

“There’s no going back, and no ‘cure,’ either. If the alpha doesn’t like you, he will kill you.”

That took care of my appetite. My packmates tried to comfort me, but it wasn’t much use. Evening came all too quickly. They prepared an area outside the house for my ordeal. From this spot, I could look over downtown Venice and out to sea. The air cooled. The moon rose.

Morgan and Anton stood naked with me, hands on my shoulders.  “Open yourself to it like you did to us,” Anton advised.
“And whatever happens,” Morgan said, “remember that we love you.”

I kissed each of them. They went inside.

I knelt on the ground and waited while the moon rose higher. It turned from golden to cold silver. I shivered. I sweated. The moon reached its zenith. I screamed.

It was like some vengeful goddess had taken a spear and stabbed me to the earth. I writhed on the ground while my muscles twitched and knotted into cramps upon knots upon cramps, as if trying to rip away from my bones and burst out of my skin. Then my skeleton itself began to go crazy. I swore through a mouth full of bile. I cursed God and the moon and myself. I clawed at my itching skin, trying to get rid of the stinging invisible ants that were eating it alive. I wept like a baby. I begged for my mother. I was slowly and methodically swallowed by moonlight and burned alive.

I was still weeping softly when Anton and Morgan helped me into the house, my arms over their shoulders. They sat in bed with me, holding me against them. I shuddered and sobbed. “You endured it, Eric,” Anton said softly. “You did it.”

“What now?” I sniffed and wiped my nose. Morgan looked at Anton,

“It takes more than a bite and full moon’s light to make a wolf from man.”

He met my eyes, “It takes human flesh.”

“What?” I whispered. I was sure I hadn’t heard him right, even though my hearing was now better than the average dog’s. I was still getting used to that.
“You must feed the wolf in yourself,” Anton said. “You must hunt.”


“Never.”  I smiled.

“But you must make the kill,” Morgan said

“How do I know who to…to hunt?”

“You will know,” Morgan said. “We hunt only those who are our prey – the weak, the young, the sick, the dying. Let your instincts guide you to these.”
“And above all,” Anton warned, “you must control yourself. You can’t believe the power at your command, but it’ll corrupt and consume you if you aren’t careful. We don’t want to hunt down one of our own who’s become a monster.”

Night again. We’d slept all day, saving our strength for the hunt. We woke at dusk and walked for two hours into town. It was the rough neighborhood of Venice. Every town has an underbelly. That’s my hunting ground…our hunting ground. Any wonder crime rates are so high in places like that? Anton and Morgan walked off, leaving me to scout ahead. They whispered good luck.

The city was different to me now. I hated it. I hated it to my bones and in my writhing guts. The air itself felt poisoned. I could smell old garbage, urine, blood, rubber, asphalt, semen, sweat, pet dander and weeds all at once. Like a smog over humanity that never lifts.  Hunt the sick? This whole damn city was sick!

I snarled quietly to myself. Then my ears pricked forward. Well, okay, they didn’t actually move. I was still human in the body. But that’s what they did. My hearing focused. A steady bass rhythm. I followed it to a seedy club. It had been made within a warehouse next to a strip mall. The bouncers were two huge Asian men with tattoo sleeves. This was Venice, California. Big men weren’t hard to find.

They let me inside, didn’t ask for an ID or anything. The music was unbearable. It was painful. It was torture in my skull. I bared my teeth. Suddenly, the music faded to a tolerable level. My hearing was human again. But my scent was still wolf. I used it to guide me.

Cologne, mascera, plastic. Sweat, spit, breath. This was a gay bar. I’d never been in a gay bar. So many winding, gyrating bodies, male pole dancers, strobe lights that highlighted men groping and sucking face. I was wrong. Not a really gay bar, then. More like a meat market. I was flirted with three times in ten minutes. I glared them away. You are not my prey. You are not why I am here.

But the reason was here. Somewhere close. Someone big pulled off his shirt in the middle of the dance floor. The audience roared its approval. I couldn’t help but stare. That massive back with its sweat-oiled chocolate skin rippled in muscle. His hips swayed like a palm tree. He turned and his sunglasses reflected my face.
He slowly reached up and pulled them off. It was Jordan LeBau.

I backed away. His eyes locked me in place. I knew that look, now. Jordan was a wolf like Anton and Morgan. He strode forward slowly, and the crowd parted for him. Damn, he was big! His body seemed to grow the closer he got to me. I could smell his sweat, and I knew my pants were tenting.

“Like what you see, pup?” he asked.

“What did you call me?”

He sneered, “New Turned. We call you guys pups until you’ve learned to be useful.”

“It’s you,” I whispered. “You’re the alpha.”

“Damn right I am. Smells like a hunt’s on the wind.”

“My first.”

“Go get ’em, then, pup.”

He let me go with his eyes. I jolted and moved forward. He tapped my shoulder.

“Just remember one thing, Eric,” he growled. “When we hunt together….I get first meat.”


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