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The Parting (by Tyler Morgyn)…dedicated to Tommy and Robert

Cecil 6ab

… and Sir lay with his boy on that last night.  He had ordered his boy to go to sleep even though Sir knew that he wouldn’t.  He knew the boy would dutifully try, but be unable to slow his pounding heart. The boy would calm his breathing, squeeze his eyelids together, and forgo the slightest movement that might waken his Master, until his muscles cramped and knives of pain overwhelmed his senses with numbness deadening his limbs.

Sir would pretend to sleep too, his mind racing with wants and needs and possibilities.  He would close his eyes and match his boy’s breathing until they were one chest rising and falling.  A tangle of appendages that mirrored the chaos of tomorrow, they clung to what was familiar in the warmth and scents and sensuality of their past.  The juices of sex had been drunk and the frictions had been stilled, but the air was thick with memory that shoved away the sleep that they knew was expected.  In its place was held loyalty, longing, and uncertainty.

And so they lay unmoving in each other’s arms. The night seemed like an eternity together.

But not long enough.

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The Parting (by Tyler Morgyn)...dedicated to Tommy and Robert, 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings