Everything that Catches my Attention

Swordfight (by Mike Gregson)

So my guy and I were in bed, we had fucked a couple of hours earlier and then gone to sleep. I woke up with a boner. Not rock hard, but, I knew I wanted some.

Normally I am a foreplay kind of guy, nibble on his ear, caress softly all over his body. You know get him in the mood.

Let me give you some background, my guy’s nipples are connected to his prostate, I swear!!! You start playing with the nipples and he will start to leak, and it doesn’t stop. This turns me on. My cock is not a leaker, but when it meets another cock that is, well, monkey see, monkey do.

So this morning I just reached over and started to play with his cock. I was concentrating on the head, but the shaft felt good as it filled with blood. After a couple of rubs with my thumb on the head, he started to leak. I tasted some of it, it was good. I rubbed the head for a good five minutes until I got a flow going.

The I turned his hops and pressed my cock, which was now rock hard, up against his. I rubbed some of the pre-cum on mine, it felt really good. My cock is thick and long enough. I took his and rubbed the head up and down the shaft of my cock.

The man attached to the cock started to moan.

I beat his cock with mine and then mine with his, this just boned me up more.

My cock starts to leak, I put the heads together, my hand was getting soaked. He started to thrust a bit. Pretty soon both cocks, were solidly hard and wet. There were only two things that could happen, and we didn’t go for coffee. I jacked both of them harder and I started to thrust, he just kept on thrusting. Our tongues were in each others mouths. He started to punch me and squeeze my nipple real hard. He moaned louder and his leaking continued.

Finally I knew I had passed the point of no return, I was moaning and jacking us both hard. He thrusted harder. My first shot hit is chin, his first did too. We kissed and spurt after spurt of cum made our cocks (and his stomach) even wetter.

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