Everything that Catches my Attention

Superhero (by Rylan Hunter)


I set the world on fire when I was five. With a bath towel pinned to my shoulders, magically becoming my Cape of Chaos as I kicked and leapt and saved lives with just my very presence. Evil never stood a chance as I would strut down my street or lurk in the shadows of the mailboxes. Rubber bands encircled each chubby wrist and became my Bracelets of Protection, keeping me safe from the monsters that hid in secret places. My hair was forbidden to feel the tugging of a brush through it because Wild Hair gave me strength and made me fierce in the eyes of my neighborhood. I bore the burden of peace on my small shoulders and learned to growl and glare at those who dared to laugh. I was a hero.

I only have one power left now but it’s become a force that is unbreakable. With my only belongings stored in a stolen backpack weighing down my shoulders, I stumble and drag myself down streets or lurk in the shadows. I don’t need to hide though because I am Invisible. People look right through me and I am nothing more than a moment of sour-smelling wind that crosses their paths as they hurry away. I talk to myself because it’s the only voice that knows I even exist. My only Bracelet of Protection is the small plastic band that is a reminder of the evil still out there that says I could be captured and kept in small rooms with locked doors because somehow the monsters always see me. They shaved my Wild Hair. I growl and glare at those who dare to laugh around me but they are always laughing at something else because I’m not there. I’m Invisible now but, once … I was a hero.

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