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Roadside Rest Stop (by Jeff Pirrello)

Roadside Rest Stop

As I make my way down the interstate I feel a bit guilty about the fuel I am consuming; I’m not going anywhere for business, or to visit anyone of importance in my life. No, I am going to a roadside rest stop for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure with a stranger … or two. In the dark hours of very early morning I’m not really expecting too many vehicles in the parking lot as I pull in. I park the car next to the two that are there, thoughts of a three-way racing through my head. I walk into the poorly lit restroom, which fills my senses with that familiar scent of stale urine that I have grown to associate with sexual pleasure, having done this dozens of times.

An older, pudgy guy is washing his hands and getting ready to head out into the night. Just as well, I’m surely not interested in him. I notice that there are four stalls and one of them is taken. The third one to the right. As I bend slightly to look under the stall door, I see a pair of old, brown work boots with a pair of jeans pulled down covering the tops of them. That was my target. I take the second stall to the right so I can have the option of another man entering the first stall. Walking in, I unfasten my jeans, making sure I am facing the glory hole that was put there by deviants such as myself long ago.

I pull my pants down, kind of slow, so as not to seem too eager. I let him, if he is watching, catch a glimpse of my partially erect cock at eye level before taking my seat. I glimpse over at the opening to see if there is any indication of a response on his part before I lean over to try to take a better look at him. No fingers were sticking through the hole and no tongue protruded through. So I study my prey; he was a little older than me but a much bigger man with a nice stubble on his face. He was holding his dick over the toilet which seemed either very large or erect.  A glance up showed thick curly hair that was in need of a trim, but fit him well. It was hot in there and he had his flannel shirt completely unbuttoned revealing his massive, slightly hairy chest. The kind of chest hair that is smooth and has a circular pattern around the nipples, which were thick and large. He suddenly turned his head and caught me looking in at him.

I was so startled by the sudden move it took me a second to start to pull my head back. As I did I noticed him give a very devilish grin as he swung his massively hard cock away from the toilet to reveal it to me. I moved my head forward again. He held his cock in one hand and with the other he touched the tip of it and gathered some of the sticky fluid beaded there. He stuck that finger through the hole, the strong-looking hand offering me a taste. I take the finger in my mouth which suddenly made me shiver. That first erotic encounter of a new sexual experience excites me so much that I can’t touch my own cock for fear of cumming too soon. With his finger in my mouth I let my tongue caress it and taste his thick, sweet offering. He rotates the finger slowly as I suck on it letting him know of my proficiency at cock sucking.

He slowly pulls it out and flashes a smile of approval my way. I passed the first test. He seems to think for a moment before standing up to face me. He turns and starts to stick his cock through the hole, barely fitting. My mouth starts to engulf it.

I taste the rest of the pre-cum as his cock passes over my tongue making its way to the back of my throat. I start to move my head in a slow rocking manner sucking in every inch of him. His cock starts to fuck my face letting me know he wants to take control of the situation so I hold my head steady, letting him massage my throat. I try to relax and I smell the hole as my nose is up against it. It smells of musk and dried up semen, an odor familiar and arousing to me. He starts to moan and I hear him say ‘fuck yeah’ … ‘take it all, you little bitch’ … ‘Oh fuck yeah, you ready for my load?’ That almost sent me over the top, without touching myself. I feel his cock enlarge in my mouth, the veins popping out so much that my mouth and tongue can feel each one. He feels like a rock on my tongue now as his moans are loud, like a warning of what was about to happen. He suddenly stops pumping as the huge head of his swollen cock is partially down my open throat. I feel him explode, cum rushing down my throat, feeling the hot liquid stream through it and filling my stomach. I sit there for a moment swallowing everything he has to offer me. I can’t help but choke as some of the fluid drips out of the side of my mouth. He suddenly pulls out of my mouth and I hear him fumbling on the other side of the divider.

A strange emptiness washes through, making me shiver and I wonder just what he thinks of me as he prepares to leave. I don’t care if he thinks I’m filthy as long as he thinks of me at all. I’m silent as I sit there with one hand idly stroking myself … I’m still so hard and then the door of the stall I’m in slams open and I jump as I see him standing there, glaring down at me. He’s looking at me. My hand tightens reflexively around my cock and two quick strides has him towering over me and crowding me back. The tank digs into my back and one beefy hand reaches out and grips my throat tightly so that I can barely breathe.

“Enoy yourself, whore?” he growls and tiny sparks of fear crowd my belly and I grow even harder. His other hand wraps around my own on my cock and squeezes tightly enough to turn pleasure into pain but when he leans down and takes my lips captive with my own – pressing so tightly I can taste blood as by teeth tear and shred – when he kisses me and his stubble scrapes my face raw while I struggle for breath … that’s when I suddenly find myself spilling over his hand and the tremors take over as the pleasure subsides.

Both hands release me and I slump there, gasping and sticky. When I lift my eyes to look into his face, he smiles briefly and says, “Very nice, pup.” Before I can reply … he’s gone and my only thought now is that it was a very good evening, after all.

(Photograph by Joe Oppedisano)

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