Everything that Catches my Attention

River Memories (by Tyler Morgyn)

metolius_river_pine_lg[1] It was a breezy day and perfect for a long trail bike ride.  We had all stopped along the river bank to skip a few stones in the direction of the wild ducks and catch our breath.  I was looking around and trying to recall why this place felt so familiar when the wind brought a memory to me…
I started thinking about you and wondering…  You know how a certain combination of scents can recall fond memories so sharply it’s almost as if it’s happening again?  Wondering if you had ever since smelled what I was smelling now and thought of me…wondering if you were smelling pine and wet woodsmoke ashes and listening to the silver rustle of birch trees.

The path we had walked on that day was the same path now stretching out in front of me.  And you and I had found an old wooden picnic table in a secluded and abandoned old campsite at the river’s edge. It was overgrown somewhat, but the foolish previous tenants had pulled the table too close to the now cold fire and a patch of sky was what would be visible to me when I lay back.

I leapt onto the wooden surface to test the veracity of the rusty bolts, my ass hitting with a silly thump. Standing on the attached bench, I jumped a few times.
I was ready, but where were you? I spun around slowly. The sparkling lights bouncing off the rapidly moving river dazzled my eyes, but gradually you emerged from the twinkling light coming closer and drawing more in focus. You were unbuttoning your shirt and pulling it from your shoulders.

Back-lit with glittering lights, your golden torso was a Christmas tree topping angel complete with wings and halo. A half smile danced on my lips as I relished the exciting fact that, contrary to appearances, this was no angel that would be topping me today.

You came up to me so close your nose was almost touching my stomach.  I thought you were going to hug me with your outstretched arms but you grabbed your shirt behind my back and spread it on the splintery table. I smiled because it was so like you to be that considerate.

I ran my fingers through your blond hair and felt the fine texture between my fingertips.  As you looked up at me your hands went to my ass and squeezed.  I rubbed your temples and held your head to my abs.  I could feel you relax and lean into me.  Your fingers were strong as I felt them kneading through my thin hiking shorts and my cock grew against your neck.  I knew you liked to undress me, so I waited while my fingers moved down from your head to massage your neck and shoulders.  You took your time and I could hear your deep regular breathing as we stood in the sun.  You were so tender…so sweet.  Your hands kneaded lower until you groped my thighs and slid your hands up under the wide legs of my hiking shorts.

My skin tingled at your gentle touch while you slid up higher and higher until you cupped my cheeks. You rubbed and pulled my flesh and teased the straps of my jock. You found and felt my hole. I held my breath. One  finger rubbed in a circular motion around the entrance, warming & exciting my sphincter.
You continued to circle and rubbed harder until my tissues responded by swelling.  I could feel an almost uncomfortable warmth and I longed to be penetrated.  But I let you take your time because I was yours…

Finally the rubbing turned into caresses and you sighed.  An itch grew in me to have you inside.  I wanted you.  I waited.

Suddenly your fingers darted in.  I cried out, startled at the sudden pain.  A finger from each hand poked in and grabbed my rings… spreading and burrowing inside my too tense hole.  My knees bent and I wobbled.  Two more fingers followed without warning, and I yelped again.

I looked down at your blissful impassive face as you dug and pushed and I bit my lip and tried to relax.  You started to rapidly jab me with those fingers and the motion and dry friction burned.

“Unzip,” you ordered and I rapidly undid my shorts with fumbling hands. “Shirt! … Get it off!”

Still reeling with the pain of the rough finger-fucking, I pulled my tee shirt over my head.  My fingers trembled.  Your plunder of my ass continued rougher and deeper as I stood and took it, with only the sweat that formed on my lower back and slid down my crack for lubrication.

You lowered your head and started to nuzzle my growing dick through my jock.  I could feel you take the side of my shaft into your mouth through the fabric and start to gnaw.  I couldn’t move.  The sensation was bizarre and terrifying, but my dick betrayed me and grew harder with the pressure of your teeth.  Your fingers stopped long enough to jerk my shorts down but you resumed and managed to insert four fingers from one hand up to the curve of your thumb.

OMG, He’s going to fist me dry and standing! I thought.

My eyes caught a chipmunk scavenging as if this were a normal day.  My knees started to buckle as if I might fall.

“Stand up,  boy!” you commanded.

Your fingers were in far enough to find a familiar place and I concentrated on a growing pleasurable feeling.  But this was not enough.  You took the skin of my lower belly into your mouth and bit down hard.  I clamped my jaw down as firmly as I could but my body reacted by trying to pull away.  I was trapped.  You continued biting my lower abdomen, finding a new tender spot every few minutes.

Then, timing it with the thrust of your fingers, you smacked my ass cheeks rhythmically with your free hand.  First one hump then the other…over and over again in the same spots.

Spank…Bite…Four-finger Fuck…  My erection was tenting my jock.  I couldn’t see your cock, but I knew you’d be hard too. I looked down at my belly and could see a precise line of dozens of teeth kisses as you left your mark on me.  As if on cue you drew your head back to admire your work.  You had marked me as yours.  My belly began to throb.

But you weren’t through.  You chose a darkening bruise and bit it again.  I screamed this time and you seemed pleased.  You paid a repeat visit to another spot but I controlled my reaction that time as I stood and endured.

My hole was relaxing and I started to enjoy the fucking.  I knew you could feel me loosen and could tell my state of mind as my whimpers turned into moans.  Your slaps came harder and faster but the pain had developed into something altogether different as the endorphins coursed through my body.

Your thumb soon followed and my cries renewed.  You punched in deeper but from the angle and position you could only short-fist me which was hitting my spot with a repetition that threatened to buckle my knees for another reason. The warmth enveloped my whole body by then and it was more than just euphoric, more than just a high, more than just the combination of the spanking and the biting and the fisting…

I was helpless to move.  My arms hung limp at my sides.  I watched a battery of startled water birds rise up from the river and cover the sky and I thought if I lifted my arms…if I could lift my arms…I could join with them in flight.

Just as suddenly as you had started, you pulled your hand from me and stopped spanking.

“Sit down!” you ordered and pushed me back. I cried out again as my reddened and inflamed ass smacked the hard shirt-covered table.  You rapidly stripped off your shorts and stood in your jock.  Pulling your rigid swollen cock out, you stroked it several times before you climbed onto me and the bench.  Pushing my knees to my chest you penetrated my well-prepared hole.  I grabbed behind my knees and held my legs up into the air as I knew you liked.

I looked up at the patch of blue sky as your cock rammed into me impossibly far.  I bore down but I knew I wasn’t tight enough any longer. You smacked your hips against my reddened buttocks and I whimpered and floated and moaned and knew I was close.  You pulled out occasionally to stroke your cock a few times, then went back to pounding me like a piston while you pulled my cock from the damp material and squeezed.  I could feel your fingers against the painful bites but the pleasure was so great, it overcame the pain.  I hurt everywhere and no longer cared…the feelings were so overwhelming.  When you started to stroke me, the sensation was the most intense I’ve ever experienced.

You pulled out and stroked both of our cocks together in a synchronized rhythm…one in each hand.  I knew as you stroked relentlessly faster that we were going to fall together.  You watched my face as I writhed and moaned and the pleasure rose high like the birds from the river until my moan broke off into a choked cry and we shot in unison all over my belly and chest.  You in short bursts and me in a long stream and our cocks throbbed and pulsed in your hands.

You smeared your hand all over my chest like finger-paints…mixing and mingling our cum.  You reached up and rubbed your dripping hand all over my face.  I licked your hand clean – sucking each finger while you watched.  You bent down and cleaned my belly with your tongue…then chest… neck and finished by licking my face all over and kissing me deeply with passion and satisfaction.

“Good boy,” you said. “You pleased me today.”

And, now, as we climb back on our trail bikes with our boys to continue down the path along the river, I wonder again if you remembered that day.  I manage to catch your eye as you spot that old picnic bench and you smile a small but warm smile.  You look at me as you hold out your hand and say, “Remember the day we fell in love?”

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