Everything that Catches my Attention

On My Knees (by Jeff Pirrello)

On My Knees Dan Skinner

As doubt disappears and the fears dissipate

Disbelief becomes acceptance

Through inner strength and total trust

I do as I am told and know I am safe.

Taking forth the cuffs

You encircle my wrists and

Upon my head a hood is placed

I bow before you now

Vulnerable, helpless and exposed

You move close, I feel you towering over me

Teasing my display of unflawed skin

with the wet tips of leather strips.

A sudden swing brings the sting of pain

and with it the ecstasy of release.

Blinded by the hood,

I am left with heightened senses

I am now an animal letting out a primeval howl,

as each lash of leather cuts into my skin.

You take away everything, all that I am

And upon your return, by your hand, I will learn

on my knees how I may please

and forever be bound to you.

(Photography by Dan Skinner)

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On My Knees (by Jeff Pirrello), 7.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings