Everything that Catches my Attention

No Way Out (by Rylan Hunter)


You talk, but I can’t hear you.
I only hear the whispers of self-annihilating seduction,
The roar from the River of Nothing,
The ticking of time that seems locked in a present I despise.

You look, but I can’t see you.
I only see the faded gray like filthy linens,
The creeping black of quiet desperation,
The white edges of a place I know I’ll never reach.

You touch, but I can’t feel you.
I only feel the numbness paralyzing my mind,
The icy cold of a winter that clings to me,
The fatigue that keeps me down but won’t let me drift away.

You care, but I can’t let you.
I’ll drag you down into my River of Nothing,
Blanket you in filthy linens,
Until hate for me makes you drift away.

Locked inside myself forever;
With only one way out.

Photograph by inkedkenny

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