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No Turning Back (by Rylan Hunter)

No Turning back

It’s so irritating the way he has to make sure nothing on his plate touches anything else or he won’t eat it. He wakes up early while I sleep in late and … his feet are always cold. I’ve never known anyone before who could break my heart and put it back together with just one look. He pretends not to see me when I sneak his favorite shirt out of the house beneath my jacket but I know he knows. Everything about him screams logic while my emotions rule our world and when he shuts me out, I die a little. I can’t explain it. I only know that he walks beside me now in the moments before I say the words that will remove the blinders from my parent’s eyes forever and I’m scared, but as his hand touches mine I remember I’m not alone … and I love him.

Photography by Joe Mazza

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