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More Fool Me (by Mike Gregson)

More Fool Me

(based on actual events, everyone is as real as they presented themselves to be)

A friend of mine owns a bath house an I work there occasionally. I lead a pretty much straight lifestyle and have zero gaydar. I am gay and and I need some way to meet people. I tried the online thing, it is not for me. I am pretty butch and tend to scare away guys like me. The only ones that appear to have the balls to hit on me are people I am in no way interested in.

Anyway, back to the story. I was working Christmas Day as no one wanted to work it. I hate Christmas, call me Scrooge, I am not, you guys have your fun, I just find it one of the most depressing times of the year. The bathhouse was pretty slow all day. Most of the guys there were from cultures that didn’t celebrate Christmas or they were too far from home (to go back for a week).

I was serving a guy at the counter and this tall guy in a red coat and a toque came in. He waited. When it was his turn he said, ‘I am from Ontario, do you have a list of hours and specials?’ I didn’t but I wrote all the times of specials out on the back of a card. The tension between us was pretty strong, he was obviously attracted to me and I was to him. But I didn’t stammer. He asked another couple of questions and then was gone. I went on to help another person.

I told my co-worker about the exchange, he said good for me. The shift remained quiet, after it was over I sat in the hot tub for awhile and then got ready to go out.

A club down the street was having Christmas Supper, they do this every year. Some acquaintances were there and I sa8id I would meet them. I got to the bar, my friends were there but there was no place to sit. I walked around the bar and hardly anyone else was there, I wound up getting a beer and standing at the end of the bar closest to the door.

In walked the guy from earlier, he still had his toque on and red coat. He walked by me and nodded. He then walked around the bar and came back to stand by me.

Hey, I am Mike to which he replied he was Jason. We shook hands.

I asked if he was from Toronto, as he said he was from Ontario. He said he was born there but lives in Halliburton now. I knew where that was, he smiled.

I asked why he was out here at Christmas time. He said he was about to go overseas. My first inkling when I saw him, was that he was in the military. He was going to Afghanistan. He wasn’t a soldier though, he was an embedded photographer. He got to live with the troops for long periods of time, he was going for 6 months. I said at least he was going at a good time of year, temperature wise.

He asked how i knew that. I told him I had been in Pakistan at this time of year a few years ago. We bullshitted some more. Dinner was server, we didn’t head off when everyone else did. We just talked. He was easy to talk to and easy to look at 6 foot, dark hair, blue eyes. He was large in a thick way, not an overweight way. He has strong hands and he did this neat thing of undressing you with his eyes.

We grabbed a table away from the others and sat down. I got us another round of beers, he was drinking Canadian and I was drinking Budweiser (mmm an Ontario guy drinking Canadian…why didn’t I pick up on that?).

We finished our beers and then went and go t some food. He skipped the bread but buried his potatoes in gravy, I took the bread and skipped the gravy.

He asked if I had done any travelling in Pakistan. I told him about my trip to Peshawar, kind of relevant to him as it is the city closest to Afghanistan. We had gone there as we were told the shopping was good. All the guys I was with wanted to buy rugs, and Persian rugs tend to come from Afghanistan, not Persia. The Persians go to Afghanistan, buy the rugs and then mark them up 200 percent to sell to the West. I wasn’t there for the buying. I went to take pictures. Peshawar is a city of 5 million, most are Afghan refugees. We went to a mosque, I meditated there. An Imam asked if I was Muslim, I said no I was Buddhist. He bowed – he looked at me feet – I had my boots on top of them, as footwear is not to be worn in the mosque. Jason laughed. The Imam said I showed great respect.

Jason told me about his many trips to Afghanistan, he took pictures with lots of troops, Canadian, US, British and even with the Taliban (and I did say ‘Really?’) He confirmed he was embedded with them for awhile. The killer eyes were looking at me again. He told me some of his pictures had bee in the Toronto Star and in the New York Times and that he had won awards.

I asked how he got into that. He said him and his wife had been travelling around the World and had taken lots of pictures. Some how they came to the attention of an agency and they hired him. He told me of the places he had been to as a photojournalist. Zaire, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and the Olympics in Vancouver.

I asked if he was divorced now, as he had no ring on. He said his wife had died about 10 years ago. They had twin daughters who were now 19. That was ironic, I have a 19 year old son. I said maybe my son could meet one of your daughters and we could be father in laws together. He laughed I laughed and the toasts started. Clink the bottle, bang the table then drink.

I had to ask, we were sitting in a gay club and we had first met in the hall way of a bathhouse. ‘Are you gay?’ to which he responded he was bi. I didn’t dive into this any further, he did reach out for my hand.

A friend of mine came over to the table, and told me about some Leather Events that were coming up in the Spring. He started talking about all the Porn stars he had met at Dore Alley. In the back of my mind, i was thinking, Not Now!!! I figured that this was a little bit too much for this guy.

Well it wasn’t. Jason was captain of the football team in High School, played hockey on a Junior something team and then played rugby. He expects a man to be a man. Kurt left the table after awhile, he bought us a round first though. Clink bang drink

Jason and I talked further on the conversation, I told him about a Tony Buff scene in a movie where the guys dribbled hot wax over their docked cocks. He didn’t cringe, but said it would be a cold day in hell before he did that. Clink, bang drink.

We both went to school in England, he were to a school in Hereford and me in Plymouth, both Catholic schools. He had come to the attention of the Headmaster more than once, as I had.

We talked about our backgrounds, his family had all come from Ireland and settled in Canada. He was from a family of nine, two of his brothers were in the armed forces. He asked about my family. I told him about my sister who lived in the city and my brother who I had not seen in 18 years. He asked how that happened. To family clink, bang drink

Jason and I had both gone past the legal limit by this time. He ordered more beers and we drank them. I don’t remember what we spoke about but the eye contact was constant.

A couple of lesbians in the bar walked by, he checked them out. “Do you still do it with girls?” has asked me. I said no, girls tend to want a commitment before sleeping with them and I didn’t think I could ever not sleep with a guy again, and the number of girls that would let you are slim to none. Clink bang drink

“I am a sucker for cleavage though’ I told him, if a girl was leaning on table right now, my eyes would be there. Clink bang drink

Jason held my hand, thought for a bit and then asked ‘What are your plans?’

I said I have none, he said he wanted to go and asked if I wanted to as well.

We left, and walked down Jasper Avenue to his hotel. Jason got quiet a couple of times but eventually said he couldn’t wait to get back to his room.

We got to his room. He kissed me hard. I took off his toque, he sent my baseball hat flying. We basically tore each others clothes off and hit the bed. He was hard and I was as well.

“What do you like to do? Jason”

“Normally I am a Top, but not tonight”

We had a shower, he went down on me first. I held his head. I pulled him back up to kiss him again and then I went down on him. He had a fucking big cock, I am glad he felt like bottoming.

We would up on bed and eventually it came time for me to enter him.

“I have never done this before.’ Jason said, I had figured that out when i was rimming him. He was howling like he just invented something.

“You aren’t my first virgin, Jason.’

I rimmed him some more as I got a condom on my dick.

I licked my way up he back to his neck. I bit down a bit on this. “Are you ready?’

He said he was. I had him get up n all fours and put my cock to his hot hole. I softly stroked his back and his nipples. I pushed forward, i could feel the resistance, my head popped into him. He took a deep breath. He started to move his ass around and I knew it was time. I pushed all the way into him. I could feel his warmth.

I put my hand on his dick, it was semi hard still, a good sign. A could of pulls on it and it was rock hard.

“Fuck me now’ he said. And I did.

I fucked him for along time, I wanted to enjoy this ride and from what he was saying, he did too.

Finally I could feel contractions in his ass. He was moaning loudly. I put my hand around and he covered it with cum. I jacked the last of it out. My hand on his hard cock sent me over the edge. I tired to plant that seed in his throat.

Jason wasn’t much of a cuddler after sex. I left soon after we were done. We knew this was a one off from the start. But it sucked that again I meet a guy that I connect with and he lives on the other side of the world. That’s why I am writing it down.

When I went back to work at my real job, on Wednesday, I got called in for an interview. Apparently some guys needed to speak with me about my recent security review. The interviewer was like one of those guys you see in spy movies, non-remarkable. If he were following me, he would blend into any crowd.

He introduced himself and then indicated the reason for the meeting.

“I have some serious concerns about your security level, this came up in a recent audit.”

I looked at him lost, I didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about. In fact my clearance had been passed earlier in the month.

“I have a tape to play” said the agent, who steadfastly remained calm.

He hit play, I heard my voice and Jason’s voice. He didn’t play the whole tape as there was stuff not relevant to his interview, he hit on the parts about Afghanistan, Peshawar, my feeling on our involvement there. I said that we should just buy the heroin production of the country and the Taliban and Al Qaida would be done, as the Afghans would not support them, Jason said he agreed.

That was about the only fact that the agent could pin on me. All the rest would not stand up to any tests. He started to dig around to get me to elaborate on this, but I didn’t let’s face it, he wasn’t Jason. In my head, I was starting to figure this out.

When he was getting frustrated at the end, I asked him if he was done. He said unless I had anything to add. I said I did, but I would only add it off the record. Leerily the agent turned off the tape recorder.

I looked the agent in the eye, he didn’t flinch, he stared right back. I said that there was a code among firefighters, cops and military guys that is inviolate. What we say to each other is not to be shared, it is between brothers. Jason came on to me as a gay man, the agent flinched. We had that discussion, but no names were mention and certainly no-one’s security was breached. The only violation that night was my dick entering your agents ass and it was in there for a long time. Did you hear that part of the tape? No I didn’t think so. The last you heard was when he tried to ditch me to go for a walk in the River Valley.

The agent’s mouth was open. I think I just outed Jason. The agent left, apologized for the accusations and went and spoke with my Director. Later on when I got home, I tired to find one fact of Jason’s existence on the net. For a guy that was very visible. He was totally invisible. BTW he couldn’t say Hereford, why didn’t he pick Essex? Clink bang drink

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