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Miles High To Go Before I Sleep (by Tyler Morgyn)

Airplane_seat_belt_1[1]h His knee touches mine and I feel a thrill.  I can smell his cologne in the stirrings of the air from the overhead air jet.  The flight is crowded and only fine fortune has placed us – two strangers – side by side.  His glance at me is furtive and I catch it out of the corner of my eye.  I pretend to watch those still searching for their seats as I look at him, and he glances back and looks away.  We share an armrest and as I search for my half of a seat belt, I smile at him.  He seems confused, but smiles back.

And it is a moment…

We share the armrest and our fingers touch.  I leave mine there and so does he.  The fine hairs on my arm are standing up.  I should speak, but I don’t.  He doesn’t either.

The fasten seat belt sign goes off… He moves his arm to release the buckle and my arm falls into his lap, coming to rest on his thigh where he leaves it and stares straight ahead.  The man in the next seat doesn’t notice.  I move my hand to cup him and he makes the smallest sound, so I rub through his pants and feel him harden and adjust in his seat to accommodate me.  I work his zipper down ever so slightly and then, fingering his buttons, I can feel the cotton fabric below.  The zipper teeth bite at my wrist as my fingers slide under and I grope and fondle him through the cloth.  His cock is bigger now and easy to direct from beneath his brief and into my hand.

He stretches to grab an in-flight magazine and places it open and tented over his crotch.  He’s warm and long and fills my palm as I squeeze.  My thumb floats over his wet tip and he looks at me with such a dreamy smile that my breath catches in my throat.  His eyes travel down toward my crotch and I know my cock must be tenting my pants.  The man in the window seat is nodding off.

He grabs my elbow and I think for just a second that this gorgeous boy is going to push me away, but he lifts the arm rest that we both share so it separates us no more.  He’s our lookout now, and he stiffens as a smiling flight attendant passes by, then plunges into my lap with an urgency that I don’t disappoint.  The sparks from his fingertips burn to my spine.  My cock lifts away from my body to greet his hand.

My mouth might have been slightly open from the moment I touched him,  but I don’t remember.  I do know that my tongue, circling my lips to moisten them in the dry cabin air, grows warm and I want to dip its tip in the moisture growing at the head of his cock.  His soft half-smile seems wild now that I feel his hand stroke and manipulate me into readiness.  Just as I am at the edge he stops his movements and is gone.  My eyes fly open in alarm thinking we had been found out.  But as my hand is pushed aside, he stands close to the upright back before him and zips up.  Confusion gives way to understanding as he steps out into the aisle and clearly motions to the back of the plane.

He pauses to mouth “Follow”.  I wait a heartbeat or two and comply.
I’m a big guy and am apprehensive as to how this is going to work.  I saw which door he had entered and try to act nonchalant as I arrive at his destination and carefully push open the door to see him standing on top of the closed toilet lid. His head is bent while his back is arched and he is balancing himself with outstretched arms so it is easy to slip inside.  He waits until I lock the door before he bends down & kisses me… fully & solidly.  Then he undoes his zipper once more and drops his pants.  I reach out to hold his hips and steady him and his erect cock is large and irresistible.  I gobble the head of his penis hungrily and swallow the whole length in one long suck.  My tongue caresses his hard shaft while my fingers press into the flesh of his firm hips.  He moans.  I start to move his cock in and out of my mouth slowly… savoring each taste and texture with my lips.  The plane shifts suddenly and I pull sharply away to avoid biting him.

“This is crazy,” I mutter.

He places one hand on top of my head and smiles at me.  My breath catches and my stomach leaps into my chest…  He turns slowly around.
Gorgeous buttocks – rounded, firm, tan, smooth skin – right at the level of my mouth.  He leans back and into me. The tempting lusciousness of his perfect ass comes even closer.   My hands shift to support him and squeeze his cheeks and upper thighs.  I slide my fingers apart and spread his cheeks so I can view his beautiful hole – right here for the taking.  I brace against the door as he brings himself closer to me.  I start to lick and saliva flies from my mouth into his juicy recesses.  I pull his firm flesh between my teeth.  My tongue circles and pushes and he moves back further and sits on my face.  I am trapped but he is held captive too.  His moans grow louder, or maybe it is my own sounds of sucking and licking that are drowning out the plane’s engines, but my cock is a hard rod and I release one hand to stroke myself a few times.

I purse my lips into an “O” and lift the edges of his hole, pulling and nipping lightly with my teeth.  My tongue darts inside and worries and loosens the rings until his groaning is like my own.  I could tongue-fuck him forever.  I reach up between his thighs and hold his cock which lets me know he is hard and ready.  I give him a few strokes until he says, “Yeah … oh, yeah.”

I insert a finger under my tongue and search until I find deeper treasure.  As I rub and lick and pull, he sways his hips to balance with the moving plane.  A second finger follows the first, then a third.  My hand continues stroking his cock and my fingers rub and push and I can taste him deeply.  But I want more…
I push his hips away and stand him up.  He looks back over his shoulder with a glazed expression and while I steady him, I whisper, ”I want to fuck you.”

He nods and looks to see how much room there is on the floor between us and hops back and off the seat.  His ass smacks against my cock as he comes down, but the momentary pain is nothing as my fingers find his hole again and guide my cock in.  He reaches behind his head and grabs my neck.  He half turns and I kiss his lips from the side.  My face is still wet and ripe from his juices and he kisses me as if tasting my lips was not enough and strains for my tongue.  I slide my cock farther and deeper while we devour each other and my moans now join his.  He arches his back and widens his stance to take me farther and I begin to thrust into him with a passion.

As I have one hand grasping his cock and stroking and my other hand rubbing the small of his back, he releases my neck and leans forward.  My thrusts course deeper and faster and I move side to side to rub in just the right pattern.  His soft voice murmuring yes and there and oh joins in with my harsher one repeating so fucking good over and over.  Soon I am pounding him as hard as I can as he presses against the seat with his hands and pushes back into me, taking it harder than I would have imagined possible in this cramped space.  I look at us fucking in the mirror and I can see his beautiful face twisted into euphoria and it makes me want to last forever like this.  I see him catch my eye in the mirror and the excitement and lust is mine to own and grasp.  I am in charge of his destiny now.
I pull out as far as I can and ram in deep and he lets out a little stifled cry.  I build up a rhythm and we are moving and rocking and I am sure the accordion doors I lean against must be vibrating and alerting the whole plane.  But this is the point of no return.  The sweat pours down my back and I can see our images in the mirror blur as the mirror fogs from our heavy panting and my aggressive pounding.  I know I am close and going to shoot so I stroke him faster and am rewarded when I can feel him pulse and watch him cum in a thick, white creamy stream all over the wall.  Seeing this excites me even more with the rush of having him, feeling him release and watching his contorted face in the mirror.  Arching my back now, I pull his hips to mine and thrust as far as I can before holding and gushing into him in a hot flood while I lock him onto me, spurting multiple times and emptying my load.  It feels as though it will never end… until it does.
I slide my fingers over his belly and clasp him to me.  I don’t want to let go.  I want to stay inside him and feel him around me forever.

I rub his lower back and lean forward and kiss him between his shoulder blades.  I lay my face against his warm, moist skin and feel dizzy with exhaustion.  My cum is leaking out around my cock and dripping on my shoes, but I don’t care.  Gradually our breathing grows regular and my faintness passes.  My hand is covered in his already cooling fluids and he grabs it before I can release him and brings it to his mouth.  He sucks my fingers one after the other.  Then I know I do care…  I reach down to my cum seeping from his hole and gather as much as I can and exchange that hand for the one he is licking.  He eagerly laps up my offering and watches me in the mirror as I lick the remainder of him off of my hand.  We have something in common now.  He stands up and wraps my neck in his arms again from behind and leans his head back into me.  We both turn our heads and look at us standing there in the clearing mirror…

And it is a moment…

Someone brushes by the bathroom door and it rattles.  We freeze in sudden silence and hold our breath.  A minute passes; our breath pours out in a rush.  We smile and laugh and feel comfortable with each other as I pull out and we clean up.  Paper towels are used and stuffed into the trash receptacle.  I fleetingly wonder if the next occupant will smell all that remains of our time in here.  The sex… the heat.  Flipping up the seat, I start to fulfill the purpose to which most people use this tiny chamber.  Playfully, he grabs my dick and holds it while I gratefully pee a sweet warm stream of liquid gold.  He laughs and runs his fingers through the piss and tastes it.  I am surprised but pleased that there is still more that we can share.  I move behind him and my arms hug him as my hands hold him and he pisses too.  And I love the few extra moments together.  I now know there will be more moments…

He hops up onto the seat once more and I leave.  It is a few minutes more before he returns to his seat and it is the oddest thing that I miss him.  He sits back down and buckles in.  Our companion with the window seat is still asleep.  And as we talk and we plan and we share our lives, I know now there will be much more to share.  Much, much more.  The armrest between us stays up.  Our arms find each other and our fingers entwine.  He puts a tented magazine over our hands so no one will see and our connection is left unbroken as we fly.

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