Everything that Catches my Attention

Liquid (by Rylan Hunter)


Wet is the moisture that dots my forehead as you tease me with your hands, with your eyes, with your denial … but not as wet as your tongue tangling with mine in a kiss that makes me want to lick your body. Wet are the damp sheets we thrash and writhe upon with complete abandon … but not as wet as your fingers squelching inside of me with navigational skills that make me want to release my moans. Wet is the soft, wrinkled skin of my heavy sacks as you roll them in your mouth with a hunger … but not as wet as the raw moment you slide up my heaving body and feed to me my own sticky fluids that drip from your mouth and make me want to eat you alive. I am saturated with lust, drenched with desire. You liquefy me.

(Photograph by Studio Anton Russ)

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