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Late Night Ride To Heaven (by Shawn McNeill and Rylan Hunter)


John called me at ten minutes to eleven Friday night, to say that he was coming by my place to pick me up. Since I wasn’t doing much, except laying on the couch and watching stupid shit on TV, I said, “Whatever. Come through.”

Fifteen minutes later, John honked his horn. I grabbed my sweatjacket, wallet, and keys, and went outside into the warm summer night.

“Hurry the fuck up, Shawndy!” John screamed. “Get your ass in this car!”

I jogged over, opened the car door, slipped inside, and slammed the door shut behind me. On the outside, John’s car was pretty and red and it stood out in a crowd, just like John but on the inside it smelled like old pizza and his rank (but semi-sexy) body odor. As soon as I put my seatbelt on, John peeled off down the street, running through the light. “What the fuck are you doin’?” I asked. “Slow the fuck down.”

John laughed and his deep voice turned me on. Well, everything about John turned me on, he was one sexy ass guy. He was tall, maybe 6’5″, and almost two hundred pounds of hard muscle. John treated his body better than he did anything or anyone; that dude basically lived at the gym and, sometimes, when he took off his shirt, I had to look the other way to prevent myself from staring too long and getting a boner. It was kind of weird being alone in the car with John, because we never usually hung out alone, we usually included our other friends: Steven and John. I had expected them to be in the backseat when I got in the car, but they weren’t. “Are we ’bout to go pick up the others?” I asked John.

“No,” John said, turning to look at me real quick. He smiled, and even though his face was covered with shadows, I could still see the features that had my heart pounding. His perfect smile could make my blood boil and my toes curl. John had great dark eyes. Sometimes when he looked at me, it was as though he knew he had the power to make me do whatever it was that he wanted me to do. And, to a certain degree, he could. I really couldn’t think of what I wouldn’t do for John, or wouldn’t do TO John. I had to hope that he didn’t really know that. “I just wanted to hang out with you tonight,” John continued on.

I was nervous and excited at the same time. “Hang out and do what?”

John came to a stop at an intersection. He placed his hand around the stick shift and begin to stroke it up and down slowly. I assumed he was just joking, and that he couldn’t be really thinking about the same thing I was thinking about. “I just wanna ride around,” John said. “And chill out a bit.” John looked at me. There was a look in his eyes, a look that almost made me think he wanted to reach over and put his tongue into my mouth. “That cool with you, Shawn?”

I shrugged my shoulders, and when I opened my mouth to talk, my words came out squeaky, “I’m cool.”

John chuckled and the light turned green. He merged onto the freeway and we drove in silence until the exit he chose took us to quiet streets and neighborhoods that I didn’t recognize too well at night.

“Where we goin’?” I asked.

“Up this hill,” John said. “There’s this place where you can see the whole city below. Not too many people go there.”

I was beginning to wonder why John wanted to take me alone, at night, up to some hill where nobody else goes. My only ideas were that he wanted to kill me and hide my body, which was stupid, or …

“Almost midnight,” John said.

I looked at the clock on John’s dashboard. It was eleven thirty-seven. John started to drive up a steep incline. The engine growled and roared as we pushed up the giant hill. It almost felt like we were driving up to the sky, it was so steep. We eventually leveled out, and came upon a road that didn’t have streetlights. Except for the headlights, there was nothing else fighting off the darkness. We drove for a little while longer, passing a grove of tall trees, until we came to a clear spot that overlooked the entire city. It was beautiful. John drove close to the edge of the cliff; not too close, but close, and turned off the engine and headlights. My heart started to beat and I considered my murder theory one more time. John reclined his seat a litle and kicked back with his arms behind his head. I just looked out the window watching all the lights below.

“I’ve never been up here before,” I said after clearing my throat.

“Yeah,” John said, “Only been here a few times myself.”

“What, did you bring some girl up here and fuck her?” I asked with a smile on my face. John punched me on the shoulder playfully.

“Hell, no,” he said, “I would never bring a girl up here.”

That made me stop smiling, and I could feel my dick get a little hard. “How come?”

John looked at me, his eyes staring seriously into my face. “Why would I want to?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know.”

It suddenly felt like it was getting warm in the car, so I rolled the window down a little. Cool air from outside brushed against my face.

“Put your seat back and relax,” John said. “We’re gonna be here for a little while.”

With my dick steadily growing in my jeans, I brought my seat back and reclined against it.

“Feel better?” John asked.


We were quiet for a little while, but I could hear John breathing softly, and I wanted to reach over and touch him, to see if he was awake. And I also wanted to touch him in other ways and maybe find out how he felt without clothes on. I tried to push those thoughts away, but they kept crowding in my head, one after the other. John kicked off his shoes and pressed his naked feet against the windshield. I took my shoes off too, but I kept my feet on the floor. “I’m hot,” John said.

Yes, you are hot, I thought.

John pulled off his oversized shirt, revealing the tank top he wore beneath. I saw his biceps and triceps bulge as he removed the shirt and threw it in the back. I wanted to lick those beautiful, massive arms, and my dick was almost fully hard by that point. I placed my hands over the front of my jeans to try and keep it down. Of course it didn’t work out.

“Shawn, aren’t you hot?”

I swallowed. “A little.”

“Then take off your shirt or somethin’. Feels like a sauna in here,” John said.

I knew that if I took my shirt off and let John see my chest (whether he cared to see it or not) that my boner wouldn’t go down until I shot my load. “That’s okay,” I said. “I’m cool. I’ll just roll down the window some more.”

I rolled the window down partway, allowing more air to come inside.

John pulled off his tank top, showing his naked chest. I wished there had been more light for me to see what the shadows were hiding. I saw parts of it though, and those parts looked really nice. “It’s kinda dark in here,” I said, “Can you turn the headlights back on?”

“I like it dark like this,” John said, giving me that same seductive look from before. “You’ll get used to it.” He reached over and grabbed at the hem of my shirt. “Take this off. You know you’re hot.”

Reluctantly, taking my hands off the front of my pants, I pulled my shirt slowly over my head. Sweat had already begun to form on my naked chest.

“Good,” John said, eyes on my half-bare body, “That feels a whole lot better, huh?”


John leaned back in his seat again. I saw his hand reach for the stick shift again and start to stroke it once more. He lifted his hips a little and groaned, very lightly. My dick was raging hard now. I wanted to snatch it out my jeans and start jacking off. Sweat began to creep down my chest and back. How could it be so hot this late at night?

“Shawn…?” John whispered. His hand continued to glide up and down the stick shift. I unzipped my jeans slowly and softly, praying that John wouldn’t notice. I reached inside and found my warm dick, squeezing the large head.

“Huh?” I asked, proud that my voice only shook a little.

“I just wanted to say your name,” John said.

“Say my name for what?”

John turned his head in my direction. I felt his eyes on me again, on my chest, on my arms, and then down to my crotch area. He saw my hand inside my pants. John released the stick shift, and I felt his fingers tiptoe across my thighs, making their way over to where my hand was. He moved my hand aside and reached in with his own to squeeze my rock hard dick. “Shawn…” he muttered again. “I wanna…”

And then he stopped.

“You wanna what?” I asked, my heart beating quickly as I began to lose control and push slowly into his hand.

“You know what I wanna do, Shawn.”

“Yeah…” I answered until my brain caught up to my mouth and I realized I really wasn’t all that sure. It was my first time not living at home, in college, and as far as I had always known, John was straight. I had been crushing on him since high school and had never seen any indication he was sitting in the closet right alongside me. If I was wrong in what I was hoping here, I might lose his friendship completely. I held still. “I mean … no. What do you want, John?”

His answer involved his mouth but not the normal way people answer. I sucked in a lungful of air when he leaned over and ran his tongue over the head of my cock before closing his lips on me and sucking. I guess that answered my question and I braced my feet against the floor of the car to keep myself from thrusting up and choking him. He then lifted his head and grinned up at me in the dark.

“Shawn …”

My voice was a little higher than a few minutes before. “Um … are you just wanting to say my name again?”

“No. I want you naked.”

I would like to be able to say that I winked at him and smiled back before slowly getting out of my jeans and giving him a show but that would be a lie. In reality, I shoved my hips up so fast in my hurry to undress that I slammed into John’s chin and I heard his teeth clink together just before he jerked back with a strangled groan.

“Aw, fuck!” I could already see us driving down the hill in awkward silence. “You okay, John?”

“Shawn?” he growled.

“Yeah …?” By that point I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be driving down the hill in awkward silence since I was now convinced I would be walking home alone.

“Take the fucking pants off.”

I leaned closer and saw that he was sort of smiling and that was all I needed. The car was probably already rocking back and forth as I kicked my shoes away and wriggled in the seat as I shoved the jeans and my briefs down my legs and bicycled my legs until I was free of both. As much as I wanted our friendship, I had done nothing but drool and jerk off over images of John since senior year and there was no fucking way this opportunity was getting past me. In my frantic undressing, I didn’t notice I wasn’t the only one rocking the car until I looked over and saw that John’s cock was exactly as I had imagined it … perfect. Decent size with a slight curve and already pointing up at the roof of the car. And uncut.

“John ….” My mouth was dry.


I swallowed nervously and then smiled at him. “I just wanted to say your name.”

He laughed out loud then and it was the same sexy laugh that always used to make my stomach flip and my cock hard. Some things never change. I laughed too and lunged forward to pin him against the door for what I planned to be a very hot and very wet kiss. What happened next might have just been the result of two muscled bodies hitting the car door or it might have been a malfunction or … it might have been just the way things seemed to be going that night but just as I felt the heat of his chest against mine, the door popped open and John landed hard in the dirt on his back with me laying on top of him. How could we argue with fate?

The light from the car door being open gave me a little bit more to work with and I could see that John wanted what I wanted. I licked my lips … and then I leaned down and licked his. He tasted so fucking good and I wanted to taste him all the way to the back of his throat. His teeth scraped along my bottom lip and I automatically opened my mouth to let him inside. Half the time our tongues were rubbing against each other and the other half of the time time I think we were trying show just who was in charge. I couldn’t breathe but there was no way I could stop. I had wanted this for so long. My hands were planted in the dirt on either side of John’s head and I used the leverage to begin a slow grind on him, rubbing up and down. His hands grabbed at my ass and squeezed each cheek so hard I knew – hoped – there there would be bruises the next day.

Just when I started to feel a little dizzy, I jerked my head back and groaned. “I always wanted this, but I thought …”

“I wasn’t sure but …” John sounded breathless and his deep voice sent my hips into overdrive. “The way you looked at me sometimes … fuck, it always made me hard!”

I nuzzled into his neck and licked him just behind his ear. I didn’t know if he would like it but that fucking spot had been tempting me for years and I was stopping at nothing. John’s own hips slammed up when I did that and our dicks slid alongside each other and I was like a piece of steel at that point with my balls feeling hot and heavy. The sweat made us both slick all over and beyond the pounding of my heart I could hear the small dinging sound that was supposed to let us know the car door was hanging open. We knew that. I dug my fingernails into the dirt and angled my hips so that I could rub harder. Up and down and up and down and in circles and anything that created heat and friction and it felt so fucking good!

John’s fingers dug in even harder and I knew that neither of us needed much more. His legs were spread with his knees slightly bent and I could feel his thighs shaking. How could we have let so much time go by without knowing what we were missing? Now, above the dinging sound, was the sound of our grunts and groans as we rubbed harder and we pushed faster and his hips danced beneath me. My mouth found his again and we each swallowed every single moan and returned it with one of our own. There was no rhythm anymore … just something dirty and wild and frantic in the dark with nothing but the stars looking down on us. I could feel it; I was nearly there and just when I was sure he would outlast me, I felt him shudder once and his hands clutched me so tight just as I felt the warm liquid spurting between us. This made my own slide into heaven that much sweeter and I kept my mouth on his as I moved faster and glided over his now sensitive cock, but I couldn’t care. He started this and I was going to finish it. I moved so fast over him and he still held me close, still captured my lips until his cum was warmed once more by own, shooting from my cock so hard I thought I might pass out.

“Ah, fuck!” I yelled into the night as I broke away from his lips. “JohnJohnJohn … fuck!”

That was the extent of my ability to speak. My body twitched several times and then I collapsed on him with one final shiver, my head on his shoulder, and let out one long and happy sigh. When John laughed that deep laugh of his, my body moved with each chuckle.

“Just saying my name?” John teased.

I bit his neck hard and then soothed it with a lick as several smart-ass replies came to my tongue but, amazingly, I just kissed his shoulder and said, “Yeah ….”

Photograph by FLYFOTO


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