Everything that Catches my Attention

Hydrant (by Mike Gregson)


Lance jumped out of the crew cab and ran to the back of Engine 3. He grabbed the hydrant bag and put it next to the red hydrant. Running back to the truck he grabbed the High Vol hose and pulled it. He wrapped it once around the hydrant and indicated to the truck to go.

The truck drove off down the street with the yellow hose falling off the back, as it was supposed to.

Lance, his heart racing, hooked the hose up to the hydrant and waited. It didn’t come. His breathing regularized as he checked his work. Nothing was forgotten. Water will get to the fire.

Still nothing. Lance still had his cock ring on, metal. Normally he takes it off before a shift, but this time he forgot.

Lance saw Officer Wheeler directing traffic away from scene. Man he looked hot in the uni. Blood rushed to his cock. Bunker pants allow for cocks to get quite hard and their owner has no she. No one can see it.

Nothing. Lance looked at Wheeler’s ass. He really wanted to sleep with his buddy, but the jerk comes out and meets a guy right away. WTFs with that. Harder, the ring is doing it’s job.

Cole Wheeler checks the scene around him. Rubberneckers, pedestrians and kids. Got to keep them all out. There is a serious gas leak and if it goes up the whole block is gone. He checks out Lance.

What the fucks up with him, Cole asks himself. If I didn’t know any better I swear he is about to jump me. Damn, I wore my cock ring.

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