Everything that Catches my Attention

Fallen (by Rylan Hunter)

Chuck Smith

Fragile branch,
Bending in the wind.
You bear the cold rain that drowns you in tears.
The icicles cling to you and try to pull you down.
Snow disguises you and tries to make you look like all the other branches.
You seem so small, high up there on the tree;
I think you’re stronger than you look.

Fragile boy,
Swaying in the wind.
You bore the cold stares that brought you to your knees.
The cruel names clung to you until they dragged you down.
Those you depended on wanted to disguise you; can’t be different from the others.
You seem so small, high up there in the tree.
I guess you just weren’t stronger than you look.

Photography by Chuck Smith

(this piece is paired with “Hostile Environment” and should be read together)

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