Everything that Catches my Attention

Drowning (by Rylan Hunter)


Kneeling at the altar of deviance,
Sanctify me.
Weeping bloody tears of imperfection,
Crucify me.
Drench my flesh with ribbons red,
Stench of life that keeps me fed,
Fuck the monsters in my head,
Won’t you purify me?

Forgive me, lover, for I have sinned.
It’s been a lifetime since my last confession;
but you left me no choice.

I lured him to the altar of deception,
Who could blame me?
Watched him shedding tears before my rage,
You both betrayed me.
Drenched his flesh with ribbons red,
His dying spasms kept me fed,
I slayed the monster in your bed,
Sanctify me.

Photography by Dylan Rosser


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