Everything that Catches my Attention

Disposable (by Rylan Hunter)


Special one, not like the others before me. Whispering in my ear with your hot breath and my body pinned beneath yours. So special, you said … I understand you. And I wanted to. I wanted to be the one. Your face swims in and out of my vision and I stupidly remember the way your eyes lifted to meet mine as you pulled the salty fluids from me. I’m hard even now with darkness closing in and my heart crashes like drums in my ears and the strap is pulled tighter … tighter, until I’m sure the tiny popping sounds are my own veins bursting beneath the pressure. I’m so hard with your venom licking at my lips and just before my eyes gaze sightlessly into eternity I realize how very special I am … just like the others before me.

Photograph by OHM Photography

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Disposable (by Rylan Hunter), 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings