Everything that Catches my Attention

Civilization (by Rylan Hunter)

Window by Joe mazza

This world of imposed segregation,

Meant to rush eradication,

Rusted bars of isolation,

I am all alone.

You judge me with your condemnation,

Never act with hesitation,

You cannot see I’m your creation,

In spite of you, I’ve grown.

The sin is not in fornication,

For us there is no vaccination,

You force the lies and fabrication,

For this I won’t atone.

Mumbled words of toleration,

Cessation of discrimination,

The answers aren’t in legislation,

The seeds of change are sown.

Until we have illumination,

And hate crumbles under termination,

Equality in every nation,

Til then … I am alone.

(Photography by Joe Mazza Photography)

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