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Boot Worship For My Master (by Jeff Pirrello)


Obeying my Master, I strip myself of all clothing leaving only the one important symbol of what I am; my collar. A symbol of my devotion and love I have for my everything, my owner, my Master; lovingly given to me after difficult months of training to be his boy. Now standing before him, naked, my Master is positioned in front of me wearing tightly fitted chaps, with the laces pulled tight, running down the sides that fit him like a second skin, accentuating his muscular thighs. Open in the front and back, as if for my pleasure only, the best parts of him are proudly displayed.

He is also wearing what will be my duty to worship tonight, his pair of lovingly worn boots, which were passed down to him by his Master when he was a sub, and had been serving him for a number of years.

I’m pulled by my collar to my knees toward his boots. I know he needs me to service these boots that bear the thinly, worn-in leather that has lovingly served the lives of the two Masters. He then pushes his boot closer me and lifts his toe to give me permission to start. With my hands dutifully clasped behind my back, I bend down to lick his boots as he gives me a ” Woof” followed by two quick smacks to my ass, that has me sliding into that place in my head that fulfills me. I hear an audible sound of approval that rushes through me like an injection of heroin straight to my heart.

Taking in the aroma of my work not an hour earlier, I smell the pine tar and beeswax I had painstakingly rubbed into the leather to keep it as beautiful as my Master. I’m hoping that one day they will be passed on to me although I would never express this to my Master; it will happen if he desires it. I gently kiss the boots and ease into their taste, getting them moist. As the strange flavor disappears, my tongue becomes happy, covering the entire boot. Instinctively, I bring my arms around and wrap them around his legs. After gently kissing both boots they are left warm and moist, like a wonderful erotic extenion of himself. Almost mirroring oral sex, I begin to lick the tip of one boot. As he feels the pressure of my tongue through the thin leather, he begins to get aroused and slowly rubs his hand up and down his stiffening erection. As I slide my tongue over the surface of the boot, I find my Master’s most sensitive spots. He gives me a nudge with his foot and I suddenly hear a low throaty sound of pleasure . I feel his lustful stare as I start to work on the other boot at his request, while he begins to stroke himself faster above me.

Feeling my tongue play over those special areas of my Master’s foot sends shivers through his body and his calves quiver beneath my hands as he gets close. He suddenly stands as he reaches the point of no return, letting his cum spill forth and drip down onto my upturned face and his newly serviced boots as a reward for my worship. I gratefully lick every drop up as he falls back comfortably in his chair, feeling a release that only his boy can bring. With my Master’s sweet taste in my mouth I know my job is done and I lightly touch my forehead to the tip of his warm boot as an acceptance of waiting for my next order. I feel his fingers softly run through my hair and I hear my Master say “Good pup.” This is his way of letting me know my service is completed and I can lay down and wrap myself around his muscular legs. I feel safe being owned by my Master as I doze off feeling loved.

(photograph by InkedKenny)

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