Everything that Catches my Attention

Beneath the Surface (by Rylan Hunter)


You don’t know me.

The light in your eyes as I fall into your line of vision is as false as you are.


Nothing more than a fragile nest of preconceptions.

I am who I am, but not because of the collar around my neck.

You’ll never understand it because you are who you are.


A dangerous threat to my kind.

We both know you’ll find someone to believe your lies and your threats and your punishments.

It won’t be me.

The hands that hold my leash are strong enough to touch me gently.

I kneel before him and he looks beneath the surface.

He knows me.

How can you understand when you don’t even know yourself?

I won’t be the one cringing and flinching beneath your gaze.

I’m owned.

Photography by Steven Perry


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