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Be Still Your Heart (by Rylan Hunter)

Be Still Your Heart

The stars, in their jealous envy, hid like cowards behind the clouds when you gave me your heart. I don’t blame them. You were that last patch of unmelted snow clinging to life against the soil that would easily give you up. Foolish earth. I never wanted to see you cry but those tears were worth every salty drop when you finally let go and peace painted you a new face. Stunning snowdrift … you doubted my passion but I forgave you the moment you found the strength to whisper I’m sorry as your icy pureness gave way to streaks of scarlet shame. How could I continue to hold on to my rage as I held your heart in the palm of my hand, the steaming slick liquid dripping down my wrist as the final spasms melted away with your forever sleep. I knew that everything would be all right and, with a kiss to each closed eyelid, I bid my torment farewell and slid back into the shadows with your love. The earth can have the snow, the stars can have the night … and I will always have your heart.

Photography by inkedkenny


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