Everything that Catches my Attention

At First Glance (by Rylan Hunter)

First glance. You look at me and see a boy. You’ll try to pretend you aren’t interested and only needed to stand there a moment and catch your breath. I’m sure you do need to catch your breath, I know exactly what I do to you. Second glance. This one lingers a little more and now the amusement begins as I watch the struggle. You shift uncomfortably and I know you’re already getting hard as the third glance becomes a lustful, hungry stare and you wonder what I would look like twisting and groaning beneath you. Fourth glance. Hesitation fills your eyes as you remember what a good man you are. Good husband, good father, good son … good time to shift my hips just a little and suck my bottom lip in between my teeth. Heat and anger rule the fifth glance as your pants grow tighter and you decide I deserve whatever you choose to do to me. You’ll mark me and you’ll crawl inside me, you’ll remind me who I am with every filthy name you’ll call me while I pretend I don’t care. As you face me now and move forward, the transformation is complete. Final glance. You look at me and see a whore.


(Photography by Terry Smith)

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