Everything that Catches my Attention

A PALETTE OF HIS LOVE (by Rylan Hunter)


Raging red is for the river of pain spilling over me when I know the weakened dam has been broken.

I am the weakness.

Melancholy blue is for the tears he sheds when he wonders why I make him do this.

I wish I knew.

Remorseful yellow is for my shameful past thoughts when I see how much he does for me, how much he cares.

I am not worthy of him.

Livid green is for the way I tease him when my eyes forget their place and wander toward another.

I push him to these moments.

Tempest black is for his eyes when I see my transgressions building in his mind and I know I’m still so far from perfect.

I never learn.

My body is a palette of his love

(Photograph by inkedkenny)

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