Everything that Catches my Attention


We went to bed and were making out, my guy told me he really wanted to feel my cock in his throat. So he made his way down my torso. He grabbed my cock and lick the head a couple of times. I wasn’t rock hard yet, but I was n my way.

He opened wide and took the whole thing in. He looked up at me with my cock shoved in his face. His eyes said it all. I could tell he was happy.

I am not much of a cocksucker, I like cock. But sucking is not something I enjoy. I prefer to eat ass. I’ll get this out of the way now, I normally consider cock-sucking to be foreplay and not sex, so I rarely get off with a guy on my dick. Back to ass eating….he knows this and manoeuvres himself around so that I was presented with his great ass and nice hole.

No teasing, I just went for it. I licked it a lot and then got my tongue inside. I could hear him moaning when he didn’t have my cock buried in his throat.

I continued to eat his ass. After about 10 minutes I decided to pull his dick towards me. It was wet, he was leaking pre-cum. I licked it off and then took the whole thing in my mouth. Looking at his Class A ass-hole and sucking his cock was good. I pulled off his cock and then sucked his balls, they were salty. Back to his ass.

I had thought that this was going to lead to me fucking him. But, I changed my mind. I wanted to see this scene through. I took his cock back in my mouth and sucked. I started to finger his ass as I sucked him. My big finger slid in easily, this made me even harder. I devoured his cock like a mad man. Eventually i had two finger in his hole and was moving them back and forth over his prostate. He was sucking my cock hard. I felt the click.

I decided i was going to ride this train all the way to orgasm. I really started suck and fucked his mouth. I was all in, I was giving little grunts and moaning. I sucked harder on his cock.

The point of no return came, my cock was buried in his mouth and his in mine. I couldn’t warn him. I just shot, he must have shot right after me as i felt him do the after orgasm twitches. After he cums he is Super Sensitive, you can’t touch his cock, nipples or ass. I was guilty on all three counts and he was bouncing around. My cock was still in his mouth, so I eased up pretty fast.

He was ok with my cuming in him, especially since he unloaded in me.

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