Everything that Catches my Attention

12 Steps (by Jeff Pirrello)

12 steps

It took a million steps to get here
and only twelve to realize
i’ll never be the person you want me to be.

Those steps made me realize i am powerless.

There is no god to save me
or make me sane.

As i take a short inventory of myself;
my wrongs, my addictions and shortcomings,
i know there is no god in existence that would make
the mistake that turned out to be me.

My list is long
of the people i did harm,
and i am not going to make amends.
As my inventory grows,
i doubt i will admit i did wrong,
and probably continue to cause pain.

No prayer or meditation
will improve my contact with a higher conscience.
There is no spiritual awakening
because for me
it took me no steps at all
to realize it’s too late;
too late to be the me

You wanted me to be.

Photography by Terry Smith

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