Everything that Catches my Attention


I always have a tendency to swing one of two ways with these “about me” sections.  Either I don’t say enough and I come across as brain-damaged, or I ramble on far too long.  If you’re unfortunate enough to make it to the end of my rant then you’ll know more about me then you ever hoped to.  Hopefully today I’ll find a balance between the two polar opposites.

I’ve maintained a blog for a couple of years now.  “Everything that catches my attention” felt appropriate because I read and see alot of things that send my mind wandering throughout the course of the day and it’s time to put that twisted synaptic misfire out the for all to see.  Occasionally, I will have friends and other contributors adding to the content as well.

I’m not about to litter the internet with my version of a topic that you’ll see covered on 10,000 other sites unless it’s super important or my point of view is straying from the pack.  My time is limited and – to me – precious.  I like to think your time is measured equally so I’m not about to waste it seeing one more copy of an article that’s being turfed absolutely everywhere.  I don’t stick to solely LGBT topics, I occasionally dabble in gay marriage, and do my best to leave gay politics alone entirely.  I couldn’t care less which politician hates gays this week, and there’s no value to covering it.  Plus, I did my bit professionally in covering politics on a national level so I’m all kinds of done on that topic.

I don’t do celebrity news (unless it’s truly significant), movie reviews, music reviews, book reviews, porn reviews, or a 3500 word rant on who’s hating on the gays this week.  I don’t take that bait, and more importantly you shouldn’t take that bait either.  To me, there’s FAR more issues out there than mounting a petition campaign against the latest sports figure or celeb-u-tant who said the “F” word.  I don’t get distracted by the bright, shiny object in the corner; there’s far too many 700lb gorillas in the room that have to be wrestled with instead.

And yes, that is a subject viewpoint on which items are insignificant and which aren’t but you know what?  I pay the bills around here, so what I say counts.  If you see a piece I wrote that you think has totally missed the target, leave a comment or better yet write a counterpoint that corrects me.  I’ll publish it word for word and slap your name all over it.  I don’t delete articles I’ve written when I’m wrong.  I let them stand and publish the corrections or slap downs right along with ’em.  I’ll bring my mistake right down to the living room for all to see.

More than one half of my site is taken up with covering HIV/AIDS related subjects.  It’s important to me, I hope it’s important to you, and I know first hand that it’s the single topic garnering the prize for totally apathy from the gay community on any level.  HIV/AIDS reporting has dropped 70% in 10 years overall, and less than 5% of all gay news sites (professional and blog) have anything out there on the topic.

Infuriating and inexcusable.  And it’ll continue to be a permanent fixture on my site until there’s a cure.

It should be noted that I am developing this site solely as a personal endeavor, not in alignment with any business, group, or non profit agency.  Unless otherwise noted, I am the author of all the content.  While every effort will be made to eliminate mistakes, if one gets missed it’s entirely my  fault.

If you have any suggestion on content, the site, want your piece on my pages, or just want to say “hi”,

Thanks for reading!

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