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Why I would rather spend the day in hell than vote for Donald Trump

Why I would rather spend the day in hell than vote for Donald Trump

I haven’t written on my site for a long time, and the reasons for that are a post for another time.

I used to cover politics for many years and I stay away from it because it gets me too riled up. This election however has me in rant mode.  Rather than rant 140 characters at a time, I decided to vent here.  Here’s some of the off-the-top-of-my-head reasons on why I’d rather spend the day in hell than vote for Donald Trump:

  • He has NO credentials to be a president. He’s never held public office of any sort, not even his home owner’s association.
  • He’s a serial predator who will brag that he can grab women by the pussy because of who he is, and then has the audacity to try and blow it off as “locker room talk”
  • He not only distorts the tax laws to his advantage in paying no federal taxes, he brags about it. The next time you look at those public systems that can’t keep up due to lack of funding, thank him would you?
  • He’s been barred from using his own Twitter account, because he has no self-control.  This is the man who wants to be put in charge of the nuclear launch codes?
  • He’s a paranoid delusional who thinks that everybody is out to get him, every time he doesn’t win something the system is rigged and his answer to everything that doesn’t do his way is to sue them.  He never mentions he has 12 open court cases against him as we speak.
  • He’s bankrupted his own company four times.  Four.  He’s going to make this country great again? No, not unless that involves driving us into the next recession and making sure we all end up in bread lines.
  • His expression of sympathy for the mass murders in Orlando ended with “See? I told you it would happen.”
  • The only America that will exist for Donald Trump is if you’re white and he’s doubled down on that statement time and again. If you’re any nationality that isn’t white, you’re screwed.  God help you if you’re Muslim.
  • Every nation in the world except for Trump’s benefactors in Russia have vowed to turn their backs on us if he wins.  Let that sink in a minute.
  • His only claim to fame, other than being a pathological narcissist is running a reality show; one that canceled because of his comments on Mexicans and they’re all being rapists.
  • Trump has made it very clear he’ll (try) to do what he can to abolish gay marriage – the law of the land.

Is Hillary Clinton perfect? God no. She’s got a few skeletons in her closet but what sets her apart is that she’s actually been a diplomat and in public office.  She addresses the skeletons


Given the two of them, I’ll take my chances with her.

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