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Rant of the Week: Why it’s not always discrimination #LGBT

Rant of the Week: Why it’s not always discrimination #LGBT

(Editor’s Note: This is my rant for the week. If that’s not your sort of read today, then keep on clicking somewhere else. This one won’t do it for you…)

This article was pointed out to me by my buddy as I’d missed it and he and I are having the same reaction to it.  The gay news cycle since the quest for gay marriage has been solved has been “we’re discriminated against!” This person, that organization, this happened, that happened and they don’t like the LGBT community…!”  I mentioned this a long time ago and I’ll bring it back up: Not everybody hates the LGBT community. Every sideways glance is not one filled with hatred and contempt.

Sometimes it’s just the world responding appropriately.  Take this, for example, where a trans man was forced to have his prosthetic body part removed and examined.  It wasn’t a prosthetic arm or leg. It was his prosthetic penis and he’s oh-so-violated by this:

A transgender passenger has said he was humiliated and demeaned when he was forced to remove his prosthetic penis by airline staff.

Subjected to a full body scan, an Australian airport staff member donned two pairs of gloves to handle the penis, saying: ‘You want me to touch that thing with my bare hands?’This incident, which took place in 2015, is the subject of a complaint made via the National LGBTI Health Alliance to a Senate committee inquiry on airport and aviation security.According to the passenger, the body scan alerted security staff to the prosthetic he was wearing.‘I explained to the officer at the scanner that I am trans and that I was wearing a prosthetic, to which he responded that he would need to get his supervisor,’ the victim told the Daily Mail Australia, who declined to be named.

He said the staff member was ‘more concerned with displaying his authority and making a spectacle out of the situation’.The private search, he says, was ‘demeaning’ and ‘unnecessary’ and left him feeling anxious as he was taken to a small room and given a form to sign.

After the search, he says he was forced to put his prosthetic back in with two staff members watching him.‘I have had to deal with some very confronting situations in the past so have developed a thick skin,’ adding he felt like a criminal.‘This experience overshadowed what was meant to be a holiday and it has left me feeling incredibly degraded and has made me anxious about travelling.’The complaint was lodged with an ongoing Senate investigation, with the findings due to be published in May.

Yeah, let’s talk about this…

This wasn’t a prosthetic limb that the passenger (I refuse to call him a victim like the article does..) needed to wear to be ambulatory. This was his prosthetic penis, to complete the gender change and complete the physical and mental picture as it were.  He admitted he’s wearing a prosthetic penis in his pants and he’s offended that a supervisor is coming for an assist? That’s just standard operating procedure.  Hell, I have a Prince Albert (penis piercing) and it’s caught the TSA attention more than once. I don’t have to drop my drawers and get searched but you bet they pull me aside, and so what?

We’ve apparently forgotten that people will put bombs absolutely anywhere.

And they’ve tried more than once.

They’re the whole reason that we used to remove  our shoes at the check in and the scanners came to be in the first place. So this incident isn’t about a trans man being discriminated against for wearing a prosthetic penis.  Nobody singled him out with any malice aforethought. The man presented the TSA agents with a highly unusual situation and of course the supervisor came running. Considering it’s been in his pants for God knows how long it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the agent put two pairs of gloves on.  When my doctor gives me a groin check, he puts a glove on and guess what? I’m not insulted, it’s just common sense.

It’s laughable to me that the man also says, “I have had to deal with some very confronting situations in the past so have developed a thick skin,’ adding he felt like a criminal.  Well, potentially you could have been which is why the TSA hit the brakes.  Considering the average agent during a shift checks thousands of passengers, every single anomaly is going to get stopped no matter what.

Every time we scream “discrimination” just to get some attention and it’s really nothing two things are going to happen: you’ll get the attention all right. The gay news cycle isn’t constructed by a reporter gaggle.  Most of time there are absolutely no boots on the ground; it’s just one site copying from another and in short order, twisted along the way and all the villagers arm themselves with torches along the way to burn the evil straight community for putting their boot on our neck one more time.

Secondly, that divide between the gay and straight communities just get a little bit wider.  Every penis packer, every gay wedding cake that wasn’t made by the evil baker makes it very clear that this is still an “us” versus “them” world.  We don’t have other issues to worry about? I’ll be going to my AA meeting tonight and I expect I’ll see 3, 4 homeless LGBT kids who come to it every week and try to stay sober while having nowhere to live.  I’ll ask them what they think of our agenda these days.

In the end, this is about the TSA trying to make sure the plane stays in the sky and I side with them. This all could have been avoided if the passenger had left the penis in his bag for a couple of hours. Would that have meant the end of the world?



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