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HIV/AIDS news and PrEP roundup for last week #HIV #AIDS #PrEP

HIV/AIDS news and PrEP roundup for last week #HIV #AIDS #PrEP

The past week has been a big news cycle for HIV/AIDS information as well as the latest on PrEP.  I’ve never been one for putting out individual pieces for each and every story.  I’ll round up everything here so you have it in one place and can check out the things that interest you most.  Here we go:

**Remember that dick who was going to raise the AIDS drug 5500%, because his company needs to make a profit? Well, Hilary Clinton crashed his stock with one single tweet.


**Studies in the UK show that in order for PrEP to gain any traction, the price has to come down.


**An in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy


**In the mood for some anonymous play? Study shows that one in four has an incurable STD.  Something to think about if you’re under the dimly informed impression that PrEP is your golden ticket to all the sex you can handle.


**PrEP gets some prime time attention on ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder”


**Stories like this should make you glad we have a health care system in the US that takes care of the HIV positive and actually tries to get people in treatment.  People in Russia that are HIV positive are about to have to resort to locally produced medications, even after waiting sometimes months to get INTO treatment.  Out-of-country medications are no longer going to be let in the borders.


**A quick and easy visual guide to PrEP.  I talk to people daily who still don’t have a real clue what PrEP is or how they can get access to it.


**Something even I have a problem with – to a point.  Have HIV and want to prove you’ve disclosed your status to your partner? Well, guess what? There’s an app for that.


**The man donning people’s dartboards all across America. Martin Shkreli. He’s the doofus who thought it was a good idea to raise the cost of an AIDS drug up 5500% and have the balls to tell people (more or less) if they didn’t like it to suck it.


**You can say what you like about Michael Lucas, but he’s a very visible and credible advocate for PrEP.  He’s recorded a PSA on why he uses it and encourages you to do the same. (Video included below)


**HIV positive helicopter pilot sues his employer for discrimination.


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