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Bring drugs into a Melbourne nightclub, get barred. For life

Bring drugs into a Melbourne nightclub, get barred.  For life

A club in Melbourne has taken a no nonsense approach to the ever-present drug problem that gay men endure: if you’re bringing meth or GHB into their club, you can expect to get barred for life.  That never-ending no admission will also keep you out of 100+ other clubs too:

Poof Doof organizers announced the ban on Monday via a statement on social media, posting, ‘After seeing how these horrific drugs have affected our community, Poof Doof has decided to take action.’

‘Far be it from us to tell you what to do – we’re not the fun police – but we are putting our foot down with regards to what goes on whilst you’re all in our care on Saturday nights.

‘Any doofer caught with these substances inside Poof Doof will be banned for life via the Scantek security system. This means that individual will also be banned for life at all other Scantek venues.

‘Our venue staff and security will be assisting us to identify, eject and ban those individuals who have not heeded out warning. Make no mistake: we are serious. And the lifetime bans will be irreversible. Poof Doof says no.’

‘Doof’ is Australian slang for a rave party.

Poof Doof’s decision to introduce the ban was widely praised on social media, with over 700 people liking its post on Facebook and over 100 people responding to it with mostly positive comments.

The Scantek club security system is used by more than a hundred licensed venues across Australia.

Under the Scantek system clubbers’ IDs are scanned when they enter a nightclub and their details go into a national data base that is shared by all venues in the system, allowing clubs to exclude clubbers who have caused problems at other venues.

There are currently 4,500 Australians who are the subject of some kind of ban across Scantek user venues, with 1,500 of those in the state of Victoria.

Around 20% of those people have been banned for drug use, while threatening or violent behavior account for another 43% of those banned.


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