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Fox News proves, yet again, how full of crap they really are

Fox News proves, yet again, how full of crap they really are

Incredibly predictable.  After yesterday’s shootings in Santa Barbara, the talking heads came out in force to analyze, overanalyze and postulate on his motives.  Something called a Dr. Robi Ludwig speculated on whether or not he did so because he was fighting off his gay impulses:

As details emerge from the Friday shooting near the University of California’s Santa Barbara campus, one question has remained unanswered: Was the shooter secretly gay? Thankfully, Fox News has you covered.

On Saturday night, the channel’s Justice With Judge Jeanine invited Dr. Robi Ludwig, alicensed psychotherapist and psychologist, to speculate on whether 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, the alleged shooter, was acting upon “homosexual impulses” when he targeted his victims, several of whom were men. You can watch a video of the exchange above.

Ludwig apparently had read Rodger’s 141-page manifesto—which details his desire to exterminate the majority of women and keep the rest around “for the sake of reproduction”—and determined that Rodger was maybe acting out on men who had slept with women instead of him.

Ludwig began:

When I was first listening to him, I was like, ‘Oh, he’s angry with women for rejecting him.’ And then I started to have a different idea: Is this somebody who is trying to fight against his homosexual impulses? Was he angry with women because they were taking men away from him?

The host of the show, Jeanine Pirro, eventually interjected (while appearing to agree that Ludwig was asking a very important question):

One of the things that he talks about in the manifesto was, his mother, apparently at the end of May, ‘My mother told me that I had to move to Santa Barbara on June 4th.’ It sounds like a lot of this goes back to his own mother. And the killings were not just of women but of men and women.

Ludwig continued:

Right. And I think too, was he angry at the men for not choosing him? This is a kid who was just angry in general and probably felt rejected. He couldn’t connect. He could not feel loved. He couldn’t feel successful. Maybe he didn’t feel like a real man?

“In none of his videos or manifesto did Rodgers leave any hint or suggestion that he was gay or struggling with his sexuality,” David Badash of The New Civil Rights Movement points out.

Really?  Rodgers killed scores of people, left YouTube videos and a 146 page reason for his killing spree – neither or which mentions his sexual preference (other than for women) and people are speculating on television it’s because he’s gay?

Bitches, please.  Instead of choking the airwaves with this rot, how about spending some time on real news items?  Oh, wait.  It’s Fox News – never mind.


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