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Forget Russian LGBT oppression or the Olympic athletes. Here’s to the hero journalists covering the events

Forget Russian LGBT oppression or the Olympic athletes. Here’s to the  hero journalists covering the events

Except not.

The internet around the world has been abuzz lately with three things:

  1. The Olympic games in Sochi
  2. Putin’s out and out campaign to erase anything gay from his country
  3. The “harrowing” conditions that journalists from around the world are forced to endure in order to cover the games.

There will be scores written about the Olympics, and the uberbloggers are good for 100 articles a day (usually copy/pasting the same one from each other) on LGBT rights in Russia. I’m here to talk about the poor, brave souls who are covering the event.



Your conditions look positively death defying. I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you.


Call me back when you’ve filtered your own urine into drinking water, Ms. Kardashian.


You know what’s really great? Spending a month in mountains, not showering for a month and eating fried rat. If I had a chance at COLD water at that time I’d have killed you, your sweet grandmother and a bus full of nuns on their way to work with lepers to get it. I’m not even joking.

All of twitter is floating in the tweets and harrowing conditions reports from journalists around the world who’ve braved life and limb to make it to Russia to cover these Olympic games. And my response to all of them?

Shut the fuck up.

It’s just amazing to me that they forget a few simple rules of the road.

  1. You’re a fucking journalist; not a prince/princess. Be grateful that you actually have a roof over your head. LOTS of your comrades don’t and would cheerfully trade places with you and your broken curtain rod, you whining wimp.
  2. If you think the conditions are bad for poor little ol’ you consider this. REAL LIVE PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIVE IN SOCHI AND ENDURE THIS DAILY! That is to say, those that are left who were displaced in order to make room for your accommodations. What do you think they’d say to your lack of doorknob or missing light bulbs?
  3. These games are the most expensive in history. Numero Uno in terms of bucks spent; a whopping $51 billion. Now, considering that Putin’s government is notoriously corrupt, where do you think the money went to? Hmmm..? I’ll give you a few minutes to think about an answer. Maybe you’d consider fling a fucking story on that while you wait for the games to ramp up.

And on a side note to the whiners complaining about the stray dogs in the rooms: they’re hiding from the mass culling that’s going around Sochi in order to make the place more aesthetically pleasing to you and all the world. Guess what? I’d rather take this one than you anytime. At least he’d be grateful for the little things in life. For him it could be worse.

##end rant##

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