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My rant of the week: reading the LGBT news cycle has just become embarassing

My rant of the week: reading the LGBT news cycle has just become embarassing

I haven’t ranted in a while, so if you’re not in the mood to help me vent, then this is not the piece for you:

From the Department of IDGAF: Tom Daley can sleep with whomever he wants.

The gay internet this past week lost it’s everlovin’ mind when Olympic champion Tom Daley announced that he’s in a relationship with another man. He still likes girls, he’s in a relationship with a guy. Life, according to him, is bloody wonderful. Everybody pounced on the word “bisexual” though Daley never used a single label at all to identify himself and that’s entirely his prerogative. Exactly one website backpedaled from that label and apologized.

Good on you, Tom. If you like it, I love it.

The gay news cycle in the US, in particular our own version of the National Enquirer – Queerty, has begun to write article, after article, after article, after article in speculation of who Tom is in a relationship with, and plenty of other websites are following suit. These self-proclaimed stalkers/detectives are convinced it’s Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar winning writer who’s also 20 years older than Daley. Because, you know, Black is FAR too old for Daley. I mean, my God, he’s like 40 years old or something.

Here’s a question that everybody hasn’t asked yet: Who gives a fuck? To that end, I have a few points of my own to share on the whole thing:

  1. They’re both consenting adults.
  2. Daley can label himself Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile for all I care. How he identifies is his own business and absolutely none of us are entitled or qualified to tell him what he’s doing is wrong or right. He made the video for the purpose of getting all the shadows and misconceptions put to bed for good.
  3. If he is dating Black, who cares what the age difference is? I have a news flash for you: there’s a 26 year difference between me and my man so take that. And I triple dog dare you to tell me anything but “congratulations, I hope you’re happy”. (we are)

So, to put this one to bed: I think it’s great that Daley can live exactly who he chooses to live with, and how he chooses TO live – good on you, pal. I think the gay “media” has done wonders to set themselves back fifteen paces on the “Take us seriously” meter by completely and utterly obsessing over this bit of information. Give it a fucking rest, guys.

From the Department of Professor Peabody and his Boy Sherman: Let’s lose our mind over something that’s almost 30 years old.

John Aravosis, chief cook and bottle washer at Americablog has been given a recently unearthed memo from a political organization that Comcast, Google and a few others either did or do business with. The memo, and it’s scathing commentary can be found at John’s oh-so-ferverntly written article expressing his moral indignation about the contents and why this is so vitally, vitally important.

The fact that it was written in fucking 1985 is beside the point.

In his typical c-o-nspiracy theorist fashion, Aravosis goes on in painful detail to regurgitate every piece of the rotten memo (that was actually written on a fucking typewriter) and then proceeds to try and shame Google, Comcast and AT&T for having anything to do with this group and their three decade old content. Sorry, John: if that memo had a date on it that was even from this year, I’d give you points. The fact that it’s almost three decades old tells me a few things:

  1. Exhale, buddy, Exhale. And up your meds.
  2. Stay in the moment, and out of Professor Peabody’s Way Back Machine. Thirty years ago, being gay did suck, and I can attest to that personally. Rhetoric like the memo from ALEC was part of what fueled that fire and I’m here to tell you something. The only solution available to me at the time was to live my life out in the open as proof that I was neither a deviate or a pedophile. It worked.

Aravosis has proven, once again, that hypocrisy is a single edged sword, available only to him. Lest any of us forget, Aravosis was a card carrying Republican just twenty years ago. I also can’t help but notice that his Wiki link, which reads as though he’s written every single word of it, downplays his association and work in the Republican party.Using his own logic, we should take him out in the backyard right now and have him tarred and feathered (metaphorically speaking, people. I am NOT advocating violence against anyone).

It also doesn’t escape me that absolutely NOBODY picked this story up. It’s almost thirty years past it’s expiration date.

Last but not least…

From the Department of Free Speech is Just Fine, Unless We Don’t Agree with You. (In that case it’s all about the Fuck You). Johnny Weir and a group of thin-skinned hacktivists have a tangle. Weir wins.

Johnny Weir, at a recent speaking engagement was the misguided subject of a protest by our latest limping-along hacktivist group Queer Nation. They protested his appearance, holding up a blood-stained banner referring to him as a clown, and making sure they got their point across that he should do more for gay rights in Russia. Weir, never one to hold his tongue, let them have it and they got their feelings hurt:

The real tension came when he referenced “idiots like the four outside,” referring to the half-dozen activists from organizations Queer Nation and RUSA LGBT who were protesting the event. They held up a banner in front of the school gates that read, “Weir: Russian Olympic Clown; N.B.C.: Naive Bloody Collaborators.”

“I as a gay man hope there’s a beautiful iconic moment, but I don’t think it will happen in Sochi,” Weir said.
The iconic moment of Weir’s talk came when longtime activist and reporter Andy Humm called out Weir for his “idiots” comment and demanded the figure skater apologize.
“You insulted them,” Humm told Weir, pointing out that the activists outside “have 100-plus years of experience…they won your right to get married.”
“When I feel attacked, I have the right and ability to say something,” Weir responded, and then apologized.

Apparently, the way LGBT advocacy works in the US is that we’ll support free speech, unless you don’t agree with us, or decide to fight back and in that case oh it’s on bitch. We can call you names like Russian Olympic Clown and that’s their entitlement. Weir calls them on the carpet and he’s the one that’s gone over the line? Hardly. He gave them a dose of their own medicine.

To me, Weir won. I’m sure he apologized grudgingly thanks to some nudging from NBC. Queer Nation on the other hand? (Insert the sound of crickets and tumbleweed floating by here…)

This is how the LGBT news cycle spent it’s week. And they wonder why they will never be taken seriously. Because after all, a gay person with his own website makes him a journalist don’t you know…

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