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I need a home (please RT far and wide…)

I need a home (please RT far and wide…)

Hi there,

Well, today was the big day, and I went home with Daniel (the guy who owns this site) to see how things would go at his place with his other dogs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to remember my place and I tried to dominate the situation and become the Alpha of the household. Don’t worry, I wasn’t violent, that’s not how I roll. My behavior just made it clear that Daniel’s home isn’t going to be the one for me.

So, I’m still looking for a place to crash; like say a decade or so. Wanna bring me to your place?

My name is Zoidberg (I don’t know where they came up with that one) and I have been at the Cleveland APL

for a while now. I’m about two and a half years old, and I don’t remember what my last home was like. Here’s a few other things about me you might want to know:

–I’m a big boy, and need a good sized backyard to play in. Even at my current weight, I’m about 10# too light.
–Toys rock, especially the squeaky ones and something you and I can play tug of war with. I LOVE that game!
–I know a few tricks. Sit, stay, leave it, lay and sit stay. I don’t have that goofy “give me a paw” one down yet.
–I’m squirrel tested. I could care less about them.  Kitties too; I don’t bother them – they don’t bother me.
–Love a great big walk. We went to the park today and I didn’t want it to end. I’ll have the energy to walk all day if you do.
–The best place for me would be a home where I can be the HRIC (Head Rottweiler In Charge) or a home where there’s no other dogs. Being the second string dog isn’t my thing at all.  OR, are you the person who can show me being in charge isn’t always necessary?
–I’m still learning how to control myself when you and I get some time to play. I get all jumpy and wanna give you a big kiss, but if you tell me to get down I remember and behave really quick.

There you have it. I’m adorable and Daniel’s agreed to try and find me a place to live because it’s just not going to work at his place. Interested?? Click here, and Daniel will give you all the contact information to come and see me in person.

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