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Missouri man receives 21 felony counts for HIV nondisclosure #HIV #AIDS

Missouri man receives 21 felony counts for HIV nondisclosure #HIV #AIDS

David Mangum today received his indictment for allegedly exposing 300 partners to HIV by lying that he was actually negative. The state filed 21 class B felony charges against him, and is leaving the window open to add further indictments if more partners come forward. Things will get even worse for him if his partners do become HIV positive and definitely linked back to him. The class B felonies become class A, which means harsher sentencing:

As additional victims have come forward in the case against Mangum, the new charges have been anticipated this week.
The charges were announced Friday afternoon by Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney Russell Oliver.
An amended complaint was filed in Stoddard County court dropping the initial Class A felony, and replacing it with 21 counts of the Class B felony of recklessly exposing another to HIV.

The new charges include 21 sexual incidents between Mangum and two additional victims, including the original.
Also attached to the complaint are two additional probable cause affidavits filed by Dexter Police Dept. Det. Cory Mills.
Each of the affidavits detail Mills approaching the victim and discussing their sexual relationship with Mangum. Both admitted to multiple encounters and both say they were lied to by Mangum regarding his HIV status.

One victim, who was mentioned in the original affidavit as the occasional “third partner,” stated he is planning to schedule a test soon and is “concerned he would also be HIV positive.”

Mills states that the victim appeared quite upset.
The other newly-named victim stated he met Mangum on an Internet website used by men to meet other men looking for sexual activity. This victim allegedly stated that he “does not want to die from HIV” and that he has been extremely emotional since learning of Mangum’s status.

All three victims have reportedly agreed to cooperate with authorities.

More charges are still possible as the investigation continues.

Mills has been interviewing affected individuals for the past week and said he has “four or five” more scheduled in the county.
Mills said he has individuals to interview in Dunklin County as well, and has spoken with people from surrounding counties.

The first victim approached police Monday, Aug. 26, and stated that he had been lied to regarding Mangum’s HIV status before their first sexual encounter in 2012. The two were in a relationship from Nov. 2012 through June 2013.

Upon being interviewed by police, Mangum admitted to having tested positive for HIV in 2003. He claims to have had 300 partners since being tested-50 to 60 of which he stated are in Stoddard County.

When Mills asked why he had not disclosed his positive test to sexual partners, Mangum replied, “Fear of rejection.”

A lot of things bother me about this story, as well as the whole incident. Specifically:

**The sourced story uses the word “victims” nine times. Mangum’s partners were not raped; they were willing participants.

They are, however, idiots. Take the same story and replace “victim” with “idiot” and it works the same. If you’re playing anonymously, not taking ANY safe precautions, and taking a total strangers word that they’re HIV negative, to me that makes you an idiot. There’s a cost of admission, and sometimes you have to pay it ready or not.

**This story goes WAY out of the way to paint Mangum as a predator, when in fact he’s also an idiot, and one who thinks with his dick. He potentially robbed 300 guys of their choice on whether or not they wanted to play bare with him being positive by lying about his status. There’s no telling how many of them will actually become positive and he had no right to do that. Should he go away for life on this? Of course not. BUT, he shouldn’t get a pass on it either because the law is archaic and written 20 years ago. He needs to own his behavior.

**The quote above really sets my teeth on edge, “This victim allegedly stated that he “does not want to die from HIV” and that he has been extremely emotional since learning of Mangum’s status.” That has absolutely no point in the story other than to further paint Mangum as a monster, which even though I absolutely disagree with his behavior, he is not. He’s a horny idiot who made, apparently, 300 really bad decisions that he is going to end up paying for.

I’m at odds with a number of HIV Law Projects who are working tirelessly to get the laws changed and/or removed, and you know what? Bully for them. The laws are decades old, frivolously applied, and have sent a lot of innocent men to jail. David Mangum is not going to help their case any. Let’s face it: this article has already tainted the jury pool. His bond has been revoked so he has to sit in jail until trial, where he is not going to walk away a free man by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m sure he’s going to lose his job, maybe his house, and he’ll be branded a sex offender I’m sure. What cost should he pay? I don’t know. A life sentence is far too much, and a slap on the hand isn’t nearly enough. It’s going to be up to far smarter people than me to find the middle ground.

For now, Mangum will be charged under current laws which means he’s going to go away for a very long time.

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