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A reader writes, and I respond.

A reader writes, and I respond.

I got this in my email today, so I figured it was worth sharing on the off chance that there are a few of you out there wondering the same thing.

“Are you still a LGBT blog? I barely see any related topics lately.”

Sure I am, but you’ve apparently missed the criteria I set down for myself on the topics I will cover. I’m not a serial regurgitator like Joe Jervis. I could easily do that, and I guarantee you my POV on topics would better than his myopic point of view. I can copy/paste with the best of them.

I’m not as angry as John Aravosis of Americablog. Unlike him, I don’t feel that the entire world is out to get the LGBT population, nor do I feel the need to publish every single nuance of a topic to the point of your being tired of hearing it brought up. His “series” on Russia is laughable, and only serves to prove the point that at one time he may have been a good attorney. He endlessly talks about a topic until you’re so fucking tired of hearing it, you agree with him just so that he’ll shut the fuck up.

I have no desire to be as snarky and shameless as Queerty, the National Enquirer of the LGBT blog circuit.

There is virtually no point in the world in my running a topic that you’ve seen on 15 other sites. Take today for example. Ben Cohen says he wanted a male dance partner and in record breaking time it’s copy/pasted from one to the other – including the same fucking grammar and spelling errors! Tacky, tasteless, and guess what? I’m not naive’: I know good and well that people who read my site also read some of the others. So why waste time with a topic that you’ve seen 10 other places today?

I stick to the topics that others leave alone, which pretty much zeros in on HIV/AIDS and other news. Sites like JMG, when he bothers covering HIV at all, generally get it wrong, and the others flat out ignore the topic entirely. The story I ran about the man in Missouri charged with 21 felonies for not telling anyone he was positive? Yeah, not a one of them covered it. Zero. That speaks volumes.

As to the non-HIV related news, I catch the stuff that catches my eye. It’s a formula that’s worked since day one, and I don’t need to fix what’s not broken. I’ve gone there before and it’s been a dismal failure.

So, I don’t post daily lately due to time, and lack of things TO post. The internet has enough gay garbage littering the LGBT sites, why contribute to the pile? I’d rather save my time (and yours) and stick to topics that were worth waiting for.

And that’s how I roll.

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