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Is a once every three months HIV medication closer than we think? #HIV #AIDS

Is a once every three months HIV medication closer than we think? #HIV #AIDS

Very interesting and exciting news out of IAS2013,

Two randomized, Phase I human drug trials, presented at the 7th International AIDS Society conference (IAS 2013) in Kuala Lumpur, demonstrated the effectiveness of long-lasting,  injectable antiretroviral suspensions.

The first, GSK744, was developed by GlaxoSmithKline and was shown to be safe in healthy adults, ages 18-64. The long-acting injections (comprised of an integrase inhibitor and a dolutegravir analog), were given on a monthly or quarterly basis. The findings showed that, at these doses, injectable GSK44 was able maintain drug plasma levels greater than four times that needed to inhibit 90% of viral growth.

The second, TMC278, was developed by Tibotec. Their injectable Edurant (rilpivirine) suspension was given on a monthly basis and achieved plasma concentrations equal to that of oral Edurant.

Adverse effects were mild to minimal, and included headaches, abdominal pain, and injection site reactions (all of which were considered transient). No other lab abnormalities or significant changes in vital signs were noted.

The favorable outcomes of both trials support further research into the development of a combination, long-acting injectable suspension. In this way, there might eventually be no need for daily, oral antiretroviral treatment.

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