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My rant of the week: The asinine case of wedding cake discrimination

My rant of the week: The asinine case of wedding cake discrimination

My usual disclaimer: if you’re not in the mood for it, you’ll want to skip this piece.


It’s just amazing to me that our “movement” spends time and actual energy ringing their hands about bakers who refuse to make wedding cakes because of religious beliefs.

Oh. My. God. They won’t make our wedding cake!  That’s discrimination!  See!?!?  They’re haters!!!  Let’s ring their necks!

Soon to be followed with the inevitable:

We’re not equal citizens

Our rights are being violated

If we all had gay marriage, we’d no longer have to walk in the shadows and we could get our cakes anywhere!  (insert choir of angels singing here)

There are actually 89,600 links to stories about the life-altering circumstances of wedding cake discrimination.  Which, of course, means that there are four different occurrences of it, and 89,596 stories copy/pasted together about ’em.

Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.  Haven’t we moaned and groaned about discrimination long enough? Sure, it actually DOES happen these days – unfortunately – but when we spend actual political capital we have against a goddamn baker, then we’re actually giving the public and press all the ammunition they need to brand us as babies and whiners.

Want a solution? Here, I’ll help you all out: Take the Oregon case for instance.  It took me all of 5 seconds to type “LGBT friendly bakers Oregon” and I came up with 10 of them.  Gay friendly, they WANT our gay business, and some of them are – get this – actually OWNED by gays!

Why not actually patronize gay friendly businesses at the start? Keep those gay dollars in the gay community!

Unless, of course, that makes too much fucking sense.

Ps: I’m available for any other couple ready to waltz down the aisle who can’t type “LGBT friendly bakers” on their own.  My rates are cheap.

—end rant—

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