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Sound Check: Your weekly music reviews coming to Sayen CroWolf

Sound Check: Your weekly music reviews coming to Sayen CroWolf

My efforts at keeping this site going, as well as expanding into new areas has finally paid off.  I’ve finally hired a music reviewer.

Well, I didn’t hire him so much as I strong-armed him.  He’s not getting paid a cent either, so I am hoping you value his contributions around here as much as I do. (though if this turns into something massive I’ll be kicking him a righteous share of the ad revenue)

Jonathan Lochrie is a great friend of mine, in addition to someone who lives/eats/breathes music 24/7.  He’s the type of guy who’s happy with a charged iPhone and unlimited access to new music.  If it weren’t for the ensuing sleep deprivation related delirium, I’m sure he’d stay up 24/7 indefinitely in pursuit of tunes to listen to.  And he’s bringing his tastes in tuneage to this site soon.

He’s never done this before, so be kind.  If you don’t agree with assessment, drop him a line in the comments.  If you like his style as much as I do, tell him that too.  And, if you want to reach him offline, drop him an email at Jonathan@sayencrowolf.net

Look for his first post soon.

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