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Sound Check #1: March of the Pigs-Superhumanoids (NIN Cover)

Sound Check #1: March of the Pigs-Superhumanoids (NIN Cover)

Sound check – your weekly venture into the mind of a music junkie. I will be working on bringing you something new to enjoy weekly. Thanks to SayenCrowolf for setting me up with this

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Superhumanoids – March of the Pigs (NIN Cover)

(click link above to stream the track on soundcloud)

 This week I am bringing you a cover track. Which to me is right up with the original – this is hard to conquer!  However, @Superhumanoids scored HUGE points with their cover of @nineinchnails 1994 track, “March of the Pigs”.  Turning  a high energy/adrenaline injected track into a very successful floaty synth-pop take. The Los Angeles based group @Superhumanoids managed to exchange Trent Reznor’s menacing screams with soothing female vocals, dreamy synthesizers stand in for machine gun guitars, all while still delivering a haunting quite similar to the original. “Step right up, crawl right up on your knees, please greed feed…”  Give it a listen and enjoy.

Now doesn’t it make you feel better?”


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Sound Check #1: March of the Pigs-Superhumanoids (NIN Cover), 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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