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Remember that story about the killer gonorrhea? Yeah, about that…

Remember that story about the killer gonorrhea? Yeah, about that…

This is one more reason things like unvetted information stick in my craw.  Turns out that super gonorrhea that spreads quickly and kills in within days was found in exactly ONE person. Two years ago.  That’s it:

The super-strain designated H041 was found to have infected a female Japanese sex worker in 2011 and was resistant to “last line of defense” antibiotics in the family of cephalosporins – such as the drugs cefixime and ceftriaxone. This strain has been found nowhere else.

Recent reports of two cases in Hawaii where the gonorrhea was antibiotic-resistant have nothing to do with the H041 strain. The resistance in these two patients made it incurable with azithromycin, also sold as Z-pac, which is a common first-line antibiotic. The same strain that was resistant to azithromycin was seen in Hawaii in May 2011 as well.

“There is no multi-drug super resistant superbug yet in Hawaii or the United States. We don’t have the superbug in Hawaii that I repeat again, but I think it does raise people’s consciousness that gonorrhea is out there, there are new strains that are developing and evolving and we need to be aware of that and protect ourselves,” said Peter Whiticir from the State Department of Health’s STD/Aids Prevention Control branch.

CNBC has since published a correction for its article.

I saw this story tweeted to death amongst my HIV/AIDS followers because it was after all, reported information. The fault of this colossal error lies with CNBC for not going the required mile to verify their facts.

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