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Just a few things to get off my chest

Just a few things to get off my chest

I’m just gonna put a things out there to get off my chest.  If you’re not in the mood to read one of my rants, then this post isn’t for you.


—Yesterday, the Boy Scouts took a small step forward into this century by dropping the ban on gay scouts (though they’re keeping the bars on the gates if gay adult leaders want in).  As expected, Bryan Fischer, head lunatic of the American Family Association is flipping his toupee over it. Just as predictable, every gay blog, website or otherwise feels the need to keep giving his rants traction – and free press. This link is just one of MANY that’s out there today.

It’s not just AFA. Gays and their websites give the free press to every single antigay wingnut out there.  Porno Pete, Tony Perkins, Matt LaBarbera, the whole crew at NOM, get all the free publicity they could ever want thanks to them.  Here’s a couple of things they seem to keep missing over and over.

  • They’re nuts.  OR – maybe they just got a dry reacharound in summer camp and they’re still sporting a resentment; either of which is possible. They hate gays? So what?  Every one of their groups is completely impotent in terms of shaping public policy in terms of gay rights moving forward in this country.
  • In the larger scheme of things, they’re completely unknown in the gay community.  Want to bet? Unplug from your computer, disengage your computer from their copy/paste keys. Go ask any 20 gays you know who Maggie Gallagher or Tony Perkins are. Guaranteed you’ll either come up with a no hitter or find exactly one person who does know what they’re about. They’ll probably have dismissed them long ago as nuts also.
  • Think I’m wrong on that one? I did it.  I asked 30 different people, and none of them knew who they were. When I dropped a couple of videos on them to let them off the hook, how did they respond? “Too nuts to be relevant – fuck ’em”
  • The people that actually believe what these groups are a lost cause. They will never be converted to accepting the LGBT community, so why protest the messages of these groups?

—To the groups that actually DO perpetuate these messages? Piss off. Nobody but the biggest squirrels in that nutty tree believe what you say, so listen closely: that ticking sound you hear is the time running off your clock.

—–Back to our side of the fence: so some people have objections to gay marriage? Big. Fat. Hairy. Deal. Let them object. Do their God-Inspired ramblings do anything to stem the tide of state after state in the US making gay marriage legal? No.


—-To that end, I’ve had more than one gay activist call me an Uncle Tom because I won’t hinge the fate of my world on gay marriage. Well, fuck you.  It is important, of course but hardly the biggest mountain we have to climb. To say, or even imply that it’s ALL that matters is to lie to your readers in my opinion; especially when you consider.

  • Gay bullying
  • The fate of gay seniors
  • Um, HIV/AIDS. Hello? You do remember that, right? Sadly, because of everyone being in lockstep with the gay marriage mafia we’ve decided that the price tag of 9600 dead men a year is an acceptable loss we can live with.  Every 9 minutes someone is converted to HIV positive and we’re ok with that? We’re ok with the majority of them NEVER knowing their status or getting tested?
  • LGBT community and drug abuse/recovery. One of the single hardest hit groups in the country that struggle daily to find treatment that works for them.

The list goes on indefinitely, and NONE of these items will be fixed by my ability to walk down the aisle with my man.  Just sayin’


—Gay violence. It’s always been a problem, one that we’ve ignored quite successfully.  Why does it have to take almost 10 different cases in the last month before we start to pay attention?  A large part of our apathy to this is due to the rash of claims of gay violence that were complete lies. (that link is one of many that’s out there).  The community turns a deaf ear to claims of someone crying wolf (unless someone turns up dead). In the meantime we all have star-spangled meltdowns over the fact that a baker won’t make the wedding cake for two lesbians (the HORROR!)


I’ve been at this a very long time, and things now aren’t much different than they were 30 years ago. The community gets blinders on and sees one goal. God help the people who don’t sign onto the agenda and absolutely NOTHING else matters.  We have no ability to multitask, and as a result we take one baby step forward on one time, and 50 other things fall to the wayside.

Haven’t we learned from past mistakes yet?


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