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Adult film star Wilfried Knight reported passed away

Adult film star Wilfried Knight reported passed away

It’s being shared (and confirmed) online that adult film star Wilfried Knight has passed away.  There is no cause of death being reported at this time.  Also, sadly, I’m sure that speculation will run rampant: pundits will talk that have never met Knight. Rumours will run rampant, “gay porn kills the people that perform in it!” they’ll cry.  “There have been far too many performers who have passed recently, so it must be the industry that kills the people that perform in it.”

Just let it go, people.

I never met Knight in person, and I doubt a few shared tweets constitutes a friendship so I’ll stand firm on saying I don’t know him.  From all accounts I’ve read, Knight was a good friend to those that know him, and from his own blog I can see that he was left in pain after his partner hung himself, and left the tools behind for Knight to join him.

Jerry who truly believed in the good of people tried and tried again to find a valid reason to carry on. Yes of course we had each others, but a 46 years old man deserves some kind of validation after being let go from a company he admired, from a company where he listened to his female colleagues break up storied, held them as they cried: HE CARED. But he would have loved people to care back.

People will say he was selfish, left me behind: no he didn’t. Sadly he intended for me to go with him. He hung himself. Terrible death. But he left on side an unopened bottle of wine and sleeping pills for me to follow him (he took sleeping pills after the firing incident as the whole bullying went on).

He left no will, which means: outside Canada, i am nothing to him. His sister, whose first question was upon being told of his death “did he leave something for my daughter”?” pockets everything.

What I also know is that alot of his friends are on Twitter now, and they’re in pain that they’ve lost him.  That’s what counts, and most of those that cover Knight’s death will not remember that there are those grieving his passing.   They shouldn’t have to suffer fools who claim to be know it alls on the ills of being an adult performer, they should be allowed to grieve for the loss of their friend in whatever manner they see fit, without anything standing in their way to find closure.

From what I can see, read, and have had shared with me by other people, Wilfried Knight seemed like the type of guy I’d have been happy to call a friend if we had ever met.  Out of respect for his memory, and for those that he leaves behind, I will not be updating this piece.  

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