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Students busted inhaling Smarties at school. Hazmat response brought in (no kidding)

Students busted inhaling Smarties at school. Hazmat response brought in (no kidding)

The stupid alert is for the school response. What a great use of resources: the kids are stomping and inhaling freakin’ Smarties, and Hazmat is called:

Wait said the pill or object has tested negative for narcotics, and none of the students was showing signs of being ill.  The students, whose parents were called to the school, were not taken to a hospital.

“A student was brought to the office by a teacher and there was a bag, deputies and hazmat crews determined it was sugar ,” said Osteen Principal Bob Oulleiite.

Videos on YouTube show children of all ages snorting Smarties, prompting Local 6 to ask if this was the reason why the students ingested what they thought was candy.

When asked if he knew of the trend, Oulleiite replied, “Not that I’m aware of, this is the first time we even had to deal with this, I can’t speak for the other schools.”

Doctors say inhaling sugar could go down the wrong tube, or get stuck in your nose, leading to an infection.

Students were released around 2:05 p.m. and the school was not evacuated during the incident.

Oulleiite said he will be considering an appropriate punishment for the children, possibly leading to launching a drug awareness program.

“Clearly those kids were experimenting, we have a lot of questions, we’re going to talk and evaluate what we do,” he said.

Clearly the kids have access to YouTube and weren’t experimenting with anything other than being kids.

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