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Actual headline “Sony president seeks help in naming his pink balls”

Actual headline “Sony president seeks help in naming his pink balls”

Sometimes this stuff just writes itself, ya know?

In what is perhaps the first ever corporate blog post to begin with the phrase “pink balls,” Sony’s President and COO Phil Molyneux has taken to the company website looking for a little help. What, Molyneux wonders on the blog, should he name his pink balls?

With “pink balls,” of course, Molyneux is referring to a new set of speakers from Sony, which are shaped like orbs and come in several different colors, including pink. What did you think he was talking about?

At a press event in January to introduce the spheroid mobile speakers, Molyneux enthused that he “carried [his] pink balls with” him “wherever [he] went”; and now, playing on that perhaps-unintentional faux pas, Sony has launched a contest in which users are challenged to think of a good name for those pink balls, the winners of which contest will receive their own set of said pink balls.

Entries are being accepted right here on the Sony website, and President and COO Molyneux promises that he will read every single entry. (To which I say: Pray that news of this contest doesn’t reach 4chan).

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