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The Hope Share will help addicts everywhere connect online Feb 6th

The Hope Share will help addicts everywhere connect online Feb 6th

From The Fix. Considering the proliferation of online meetings, social media and other cyber connections I think this is long overdue and necessary.

Addiction is often called “a disease of loneliness,” leading many who suffer from it to feel isolated.

But with an estimated 85 million addicts in the US, and over 20 million in long-term recovery, there’s no reason to cope with it alone. The Hope Share, an offshoot of Drugfree.org, was created to break down barriers and fight stigmas surrounding addiction, offering a safe space on the web for addicts to connect by sharing their stories.

On February 6, The Hope Share, in connection with InTheRooms.com (a social networking site for recovering addicts) and Faces and Voices of Recovery, is holding a live storytelling event. For 90 minutes, addicts around the world will be encouraged to open up about their struggles with addiction via webcam.

The goal of the online event is to “help inspire others and spark meaningful conversation around alcohol and other drug problems and addiction,” says Cassie Goldberg, manager of public affairs at The Hope Share. The live forum will be moderated by InTheRooms.com, and will feature support and input by Jerry Otero, a Parent Support Specialist and clinical social worker from The Partnership at Drugfee.org. The Hope Share “serves as a place to highlight stories of redemption—a platform for people to speak out about recovery, and to help break the stigma that too often surrounds the disease of addiction,” says Goldberg.

To participate, log in here at 9 pm EST on February 6.

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